2010's sexiest E3 booth babes

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2010's sexiest E3 booth babes

Postby Sleepaphobic » 17 Jun 2010, 20:06

fap fap.......wait a second, some of them look like dudes!
Some cheerleader at school or hot secretary at the office may not think you are cool but let’s be real, those very same bitches don’t love bacon and still use IE to explore the web.
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Postby Josh_3691 » 17 Jun 2010, 20:16

What is Pac-Man doing in here? I find the sexualisation of him disgusting... yet arousing.
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Postby Gambini » 17 Jun 2010, 20:35

What the...? "Babes"? Washed up porn stars and transvestites more like! :o
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2010's sexiest E3 booth babes

Postby dookiephonic » 17 Jun 2010, 20:44

wow what a stunning booth babe in the middle of picture 14.
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Postby Deleuze » 17 Jun 2010, 20:49

I'd just like to say that I find this offensive. Since this isn't probably the best place for a discussion (a forum is perhaps a better place) I won't go into detail. Therefore I will just say that I don't like the way people, predominantly women, are displayed as objects for other people, predominantly heterosexual men, to gaze at. It's a shame that game culture is trying so hard to emulate other forms of media. Though perhaps by doing so it will be accepted more by non-gamers, hypocracy notwithstanding, i.e. the way that games are condemned for their violence but not film. In any case, it would be nice if video game players all made more of an effort to create a better culture for themselves and others.
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Postby ester25 » 17 Jun 2010, 20:58

Deleuze wrote:I'd just like to say that I find this offensive.


damn trolls...

And as far as the pics go, that is the ugliest collection of models i have ever seen.
What is this supposed to be?
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Postby Dr_Phibes666 » 17 Jun 2010, 20:59

Hey Baby, the names Cliffy B, wanna see my Lancer?...What?...from gears of War...awww
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Postby flash501 » 17 Jun 2010, 21:06

Screenshot 48 must be for the S&M/Dominatrix fans among us. Takes all sorts I suppose.
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Postby JimVectis » 17 Jun 2010, 21:10

Clearly Nos energy drink has the side effect of increasing breast size.
I wonder what else it could increase....
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Postby YCshinobi » 17 Jun 2010, 21:24

I see only 2 or 3 fitties here, most of those women are skank.
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Postby StonecoldMC » 17 Jun 2010, 21:30

I dont think ive ever seen as many photos in a CVG article, ever! You guys really are busy over there, eh?

What a hard life you have CVG, I bet you probably needed a lie down after all of that work?
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Postby Focker420 » 17 Jun 2010, 22:42

Jeez CVG, I can see you're enjoying your time in L.A. Were you there for the games or the girls??
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Postby jonbwfc » 17 Jun 2010, 23:04

I can't believe Capcom hired a model called Jill Valentine, then used her to push 1942...
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Postby Barca Azul » 17 Jun 2010, 23:15

98% ropey old scrubbers!

Clearly cutting back on the marketing funds this year!
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Postby Mmmmgrolsch » 17 Jun 2010, 23:42

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