Zelda: 'Art overhaul' delayed release - Aonuma

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Skyward Sword dev explains 2011 release date

Zelda Skyward Sword would be in our hands right now if Elji Aonuma hadn't been told to re-do the art style, the dev believes.... read more

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Zelda: 'Art overhaul' delayed release - Aonuma

Postby l1nc » 17 Jun 2010, 12:55

Take as long as you like nintendo! make it perfect.
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Postby ste hicky » 17 Jun 2010, 13:03

love the art style.
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Postby WHERESMYMONKEY » 17 Jun 2010, 13:07

So long as it's not christmas next year i'll be a happy bunny.
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Postby Squall5005 » 17 Jun 2010, 13:10

You missed the 'L' out of the word 'believes' Mr. CVG.
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Postby Athrun888 » 17 Jun 2010, 13:38

Whoever made them change the artstyle to this one needs a pay raise, tp was far too gloomy and dull, this on the other hand is vibrant and really stands out.

Heaven knows we didn't need more brown and grey in Zelda, tp was way more than enough.
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Postby Little Franklin » 17 Jun 2010, 13:39

Twilight Princess looked good, Wind Waker's art style was stunnimg, but from what I've seen Skyward Sword looks more like a cheap PS2 platformer.
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Postby kimoak » 17 Jun 2010, 13:47

I seen the vids last night and it looks a hell of a lot more colourful than TP.
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Postby YCshinobi » 17 Jun 2010, 13:52

Little Franklin wrote:Twilight Princess looked good, Wind Waker's art style was stunnimg, but from what I've seen Skyward Sword looks more like a cheap PS2 platformer.

You're kidding right?

This looks better than both those games IMO.
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Postby BeauBeau » 17 Jun 2010, 13:58

As long as he's not claiming that it's delayed while they record all the voice acting...
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Postby gothchild » 17 Jun 2010, 14:01

Surely this is going to raise some hate from someone?!

Not me though. I loved the darker Twilight game, but then I also loved Wind Waker's cel shaded style. Both convey atmosphere in different ways.

So I'll go along with this. If the locations and environments can be fresh and interesting then it'll be great. In terms of art style, most of all, variation is key imo.
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Postby milky_joe » 17 Jun 2010, 14:07

I didn't really like the art style in WW, but this direction provides a nice balance between that and what was seen in TP.
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Postby hairyearlobe » 17 Jun 2010, 14:10

I can't believe I'm going to say this after being a huge Zelda fan, but... I thought the graphics were a bit 'meh'. I didn't really feel blown away by this. It just looked a bit generic and didn't seem to set the standard that previous Zelda titles have done... god I hate myself :cry:
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Postby daffy88 » 17 Jun 2010, 17:18

am I the only one who thinks links trousers look too baggy? :lol:
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Postby JuiKuen » 17 Jun 2010, 17:55

No hairy, I echo your thoughts too. I just thought it didn't look any better than Twilight Princess, which is a four year old GC game! I was impressed with the graphics of Monster Hunter Tri and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but this has left me a little disappointed. If we've had a delay to make the game look weak, well then that's just a real shame.

I remember someone from Nintendo saying how MH 3 made them think they have to make Zelda look better, but this clearly isn't the case
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Postby YouGuysRock7 » 17 Jun 2010, 19:17

Didn't like the art style in the demo at all....Game needs to be alot darker like Twilight Princess!
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