20 more Dreamcast games in pipeline for XBLA, PSN

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But Sega isn't bringing Saturn titles back just yet

Sega has told CVG that it expects to have between 18 and 24 old Dreamcast titles re-released on XBLA and PSN by next summer.... read more

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20 more Dreamcast games in pipeline for XBLA, PSN

Postby SavageEvil » 17 Jun 2010, 06:53

Talk about going back ass wards, SEGA you guys have shown you know how to run a game console into the ground, don't attempt to do the same to thing twice, release the older games first you morons, then do the later ones. GAWD Radiant Silvergun for Saturn was just pure AWESOMENESS!!!
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Postby rocketb » 17 Jun 2010, 07:52

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Postby zelamy » 17 Jun 2010, 07:54

three words, panzer dragoon saga.
and this time people will buy it because they won't have to struggle to find one of the four copies you actually released.
you know the worst thing about the way they released that game, they gave the first disc away as a demo on the official saturn magazine, so everybody could try it out, then hardly released any bloody copies, and now it goes for ludicrous amounts on ebay.
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Postby l1nc » 17 Jun 2010, 08:02

skies of Arcadia, Shenmue 1&2, daytona 2001 with online play, resident evil 2 and headhunter all with updated hd graphics. sega could be making buckets of cash why havent they done it sooner???
Dreamcast ruled it was ahead of its time.
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Postby only_777 » 17 Jun 2010, 08:43

Skie of Arcadia
Power stone
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Postby DA_SHREDDER » 17 Jun 2010, 08:59

Hello to everyone at Sega. I just wanted to say if you bring back Skies, please give us the revamp edition from the GC. And also, please bring us Armada with full online support. As a matter of fact, please finish the sequel cause it never got released. The first was so damn good, I cant believe Sega scrapped the second game. Shenmue would be alright, but I would rather play Phantasy Star Online ( Which is superior to Phantasy Star Universe IMHO). Thanx Sega.
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Postby RustySpoon80 » 17 Jun 2010, 09:04

The majority of Saturn games are avialable on PlayStation (1) already. So thats no loss. They've got to bring Shenmue back.
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Postby Scarlet_Pimp » 17 Jun 2010, 09:36

Please bring back Toy Commander, that game was ace in 4 player.
Would make a very fun multiplayer game with upto 8 players.
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Postby Triffic » 17 Jun 2010, 09:36

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Postby snarf81 » 17 Jun 2010, 09:43


Headhunter came out on the PS2 and well.... it was never that good to begin with was it? I remember I got it because it was one of the last games released and the driving sections were pants :(
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Postby jubbgi01 » 17 Jun 2010, 09:51


And jet set radio, shenmue, toy commander, ready2rumble 1. I would quite like to play headhunter too, but wasnt the dreamcast version gimped compared to the PS2 version?
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Postby ledickolas » 17 Jun 2010, 09:52




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Postby RavenxPrime » 17 Jun 2010, 09:58

Another big yes to the Skies of Arcadia HD camp, man I love that game, comes number 1 in a list of 1!! :D

Heavy Metal: Geomatrix HD with online play :D

Resident Evil : Code Veronica HD

Giga Wing 2 HD ... Probably my favorite scroller of all time :D

Sonic Adventure 2 HD obviously.

Outtrigger HD

Alien Front Online HD

Cosmic Smash HD for Kinect

Grandia 2 HD

Metropolis Street Racer HD with online racing :D

Phantasy Star Online : Version 2 HD

Silver HD

Star Wars Episode I: Racer HD Online

That should do for starters, and would make it difficult to fit in any new games :D lol
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Postby dangermou5e » 17 Jun 2010, 10:04

Toy Commander please and Shenmue 1&2 and lots of others im fed up of writing
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Postby darry » 17 Jun 2010, 10:29

The majority of Saturn games are avialable on PlayStation (1) alread

None of the really good ones did!

Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shenmue have to be top of the list...
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