PlayStation Plus: Full Euro details

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SCEE releases paid PSN details

Sony's released full details for the European PSN Plus.... read more

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PlayStation Plus: Full Euro details

Postby PENGALENG » 16 Jun 2010, 14:08

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Postby jazzy_p » 16 Jun 2010, 14:19

Possibly the stupidest line of the Sony conference:
As long as you are subscribed.
So as soon as you stop your subscription, all the demos etc stuff you had is locked or deleted. Thats how it came across at least.
Not good Sony.
At least you don't have to pay to play online.
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Postby Im_Money » 16 Jun 2010, 14:22

One thing that does bother me about these free PSone games is the small amount of quality PSone classics on the UK PSN, unless we're finally getting the Resident Evil series 8)

Least that would be a start....
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Re: PlayStation Plus: Full Euro details

Postby Squall5005 » 16 Jun 2010, 14:23


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Postby Multiplayerking » 16 Jun 2010, 14:26

At that last point, where your PS3 will download updates automatically. That should be available for everyone.
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Postby TheMullet3 » 16 Jun 2010, 14:29

People have a choice, I'll wait for the three month trial before deciding whether its a rubbish idea or not.
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Postby Madbrit2K5 » 16 Jun 2010, 14:33

Really whats the point?
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Postby dannymcg » 16 Jun 2010, 14:56


Money D*ckwad money!![/quote]
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Postby JammyJames » 16 Jun 2010, 14:58

Cheap, why not :)
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Postby RustySpoon80 » 16 Jun 2010, 15:08

Being able to play full games for a month sounds pretty good to me. Like renting games for a month for only £40(ish) a year. You'd be able to finish most games in that time, so wouldn't have to buy the full thing. Good for trophy collectors.
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Postby only_777 » 16 Jun 2010, 15:25

Becuase you will never own the content you get through PSN plus, I wont be buying into this.

Saying that you won't be able to play the stuff if you cancel the sub means that really you are only renting everything.

If this was changed I'd get PSN plus.
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Postby Kwaker76 » 16 Jun 2010, 15:43

Being able to play full games for a month sounds pretty good to me. Like renting games for a month for only £40(ish) a year. You'd be able to finish most games in that time, so wouldn't have to buy the full thing. Good for trophy collectors.

That would be stupid. According to the EU Playstation Blog ... all-about/ and confirmed by James Thorpe (PSN Product Manager) you get the full game for one hour. ... all-about/
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Postby DJ Mercenary » 16 Jun 2010, 15:58

If they gave you extra funcionality like the things you get onlive, Party Chat / Cross Game Chat / MSN Messenger... etc Then i could see a point to this, but access to a few old games and some free themes?

Something tells they really wish they'd followed the Live subscription model now!
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Postby Trevor_Compton » 16 Jun 2010, 16:58

How about SD/HD Movie rental discounts say a £1 discount.
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Postby gobbybobby » 16 Jun 2010, 16:58

''PS3 will automatically download and install designated game demos and game updates and also download the system software update data. PS3 will automatically start up at a designated time to download content and will turn off after the download has completed.'' That sounds sweet if you only got a 1.5 meg connection.
Hi PS3 can you automaticly download my updates between 2Am and 6AM plz so Everytime I wanna play some PS3 I don't have to wait 30 mins for it to download a f*c***g update. I mean how big are these updates they give, Y they take so dam long to DL!

Also all people saying AHHHH but you lose yer games if you stop paying... isn't it kinda like Onlive? you can pay a monthlly sub and play all games you want or buy the games individuely and play whenever. If you wanna play these games all the time without paying the sub; Buy them!

I missed Sonys performance, watched Microsoft and Nintendo. MS being the clear winner. Tho a few games actully interested me. I will try watch sonys when I can find it online.
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