PlayStation Move pre-order available now

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Sony's PlayStation Move is available for pre-order right now.... read more

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PlayStation Move pre-order available now

Postby ste hicky » 16 Jun 2010, 13:41

is it over a ton for the full hit seperately then: move-mote,navigator and eye toy?

or have i got my wires crossed?

if so,that's put me off that one,for now. file alongside kinect.

shame,much more potential than ms' solution. much better showing too,tbf.
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Postby jimsmells » 16 Jun 2010, 13:57

Too expensive sony, not many will buy it at that ptice.
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Postby stedman » 16 Jun 2010, 16:01

I've got the ps3 just need the navigation and motion controller...but it does seem steep for £70 which very much looks like a wiimote and wireless nunchuk with a bit more tech.

But from what I gather...this is cheaper than that really going to be voer £100?

I guess thats speculation...but Sony's move seems more impressive to me at a potential cheaper price
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Postby GTCzeero » 16 Jun 2010, 16:01

Chances are the prices will drop for release. As it stands, the kinect games that were stated to be priced at £30 are currently £45 on Amazon, so it could be that they're just putting higher prices on now to judge interest.
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Postby Little Franklin » 16 Jun 2010, 16:57

£49.99 for the bundle? Surely it should be more for $100.
If I order it at stated price will they be able to raise it later?
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Postby z_surf_z » 16 Jun 2010, 17:36

I preordered lastnight but 70 pound is a heck of allot for the mote and nunchuk. I.m HOPING the price will fall closer to launch.
I find it a bit of a p**s take in general how expensive controllers are.
£30 for a ds3 for instance.
Glad i.m not like i was when i was a teenager, smashing a snes pad every other week
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