Paid PSN announced

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PlayStation Plus launching later this month

Sony's just announced the paid PSN subscription service, PlayStation Plus... read more

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Paid PSN announced

Postby Im_Money » 15 Jun 2010, 21:33

Did I hear him say you only keep the content while you have a subscription? :shock:

I'm hoping I made that up in my head though.
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Paid PSN announced

Postby versionr » 15 Jun 2010, 21:36

Edge magazine said this...
These options will include early access to demos and priority invitations to game betas, exclusive digital content, themes, minis and PSN game discounts, plus auto-downloads that push demos and patches. Content is owned for the duration of a user’s subscription.

That last sentence doesn't sound very good - golden handcuffs to stay on the paid service!!
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Paid PSN announced

Postby headspin » 15 Jun 2010, 21:36

cross game chat and private chat added to that and im signed up!!! leave the miser moaners dwindling in the stone age that the service is now as more and more gets added to the premium service.... :lol:
who said sony would never charge?? yes, im smugly laughing at you...
all console fanboys are c**ts, (you dicks know who you are).
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Paid PSN announced

Postby Mmmmgrolsch » 15 Jun 2010, 21:39

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Postby Xavier WB » 15 Jun 2010, 22:41

I like the sound of it :) a good price for what they are offering :) And as for losing things when you stop paying kinda similar to Xbox Live there when you get a bare bones, online gaming free, set up when you stop paying. The other bonus is with this increase of income to Sony's oniline section is bound to help the overall running and support of the PSN :)
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Postby izekial27 » 15 Jun 2010, 23:42

i know you lose access to free games if your subscription ends, but what happens if you re-subscribe at a later date? will you regain access to the games you previously had?
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Postby kimoak » 15 Jun 2010, 23:44

versionr and Im_Money, You are right. I heard it also. You get what you pay for but only while you are paying for it. I am really not liking that idea. :(
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Postby User75 » 15 Jun 2010, 23:58

it will also include cross game voice chat...

finally those xbots will stop crying about this feature in every article about ps3.

source: ... this-month
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Postby NEOnburN9 » 16 Jun 2010, 00:01

I have no objective paying a subscription, but denied access to purchased content if you choose not subscribe for a period of time... no thanks
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Postby Barca Azul » 16 Jun 2010, 00:06

No ta, If you included something like this for films in original language (like English in Spain), id be interested!
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Postby sammikid » 16 Jun 2010, 00:45

3 month free subscription, get to try it out before paying for it. If you like the service pay for it, and in a year if you choose not to resubscribe don't.
I'll be trying out for sure.
Either way, what we get now is free.
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Postby Focker420 » 16 Jun 2010, 03:05

I have no objective paying a subscription, but denied access to purchased content if you choose not subscribe for a period of time... no thanks

They wouldn't deny you of the things you purchase during the subscription. Just the additional stuff you recieve as a bonus. Such as avatars, premium themes, PSN games, PS1 Classics, Qore, and game trials. If you buy these things they aren't taken away. Only if they are 'given' to you.

Qore is like $25 a yr. Wipeout HD is $10, Rally Cross is $5 (possibly $10), and the 2 minis are $10 for both. So thats all $50 right there just for signing up. This is an awesome deal & I'll be signing up as soon as its available.
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Postby Focker420 » 16 Jun 2010, 04:01

Details straight from the EU Playstation Blog:

From 29th June you?ll be able to purchase a 1 year or 90-day membership from PlayStation Store and instantly get your hands on the following premium features. Plus, if you sign up for a 1 year membership between 29th June and 3rd August, we?ll also throw in a free downloadable copy of the award winning LittleBigPlanet.

As a member you can expect to get your hands on at least four games a month at no extra charge.  Each month there will be a selection of one PSN game, two minis and one PS one classics available on PlayStation Store for you to download. You also get premium avatars and dynamic themes each month, many of which are exclusive to members. 

Talking of exclusive, there will also be discounts available on loads of PlayStation Store content, just for members, so make the most of them as these will change each month as well.

Finally, wherever possible we?ll be making sure that members are included in some selected demos and beta trials before they go live to the public so you can be the one to tell all your mates about the next big game they ?must? get.

Just the games, avatars and themes alone are worth at least £200* per year, so even before the other benefits, this service is great value for money

Full Game Trial: 
This premium feature gives you the chance to try PSN and Blu-ray disc titles before you buy them in a whole new way.  We are not talking normal demos of selected parts of a game here.  With Full Game Trial, you can download the full game and play it as if you owned it for approximately one hour, depending on the game, before you decide if you want to buy it or not. So you can check out the online modes, play against friends or anything else you?d normally do with a game. 

The other great thing is that your progress and trophies from the trial will all be unlocked if you buy the game so no need to go back and start again.

continued in next post....
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Postby Focker420 » 16 Jun 2010, 04:05

continued from last post:

Automatic Download:
We wanted to offer members the speediest service possible so sign up and you can set your PS3 to automatically receive the latest game updates for all the games you play, PS3 system software updates and even have game demos sent directly to your PS3 without lifting a finger.

Just set the time you want to receive them and your PS3 will automatically wake up and download everything, ready for when you next want to play. No more waiting to play your favourite game because there is a new patch or having to remember when the latest system software is launching, let your PS3 do the work.

Details of this great new service, including a list of content available for the first 2 months will be on between now and the 29th, but don?t forget to get on the Store and sign up before the 3rd August to get the added bonus of a free copy of LittleBigPlanet.

So those are the details so far straight from the EU Playstation Blog.
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Postby Para-letic » 16 Jun 2010, 04:28

And what's to stop them from limiting the online play features for non-subscribers?
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