19 XBLA games on sale tomorrow

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Braid, Bomberman, Castlevania, N+, Portal, Contra and others

A massive 19 Xbox Live Arcade games will have their price slashed tomorrow.... read more

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19 XBLA games on sale tomorrow

Postby MrPirtniw » 15 Jun 2010, 12:48

:lol: I've already got most of those! Well, I don't have Banjo Twooie so that'll do me.
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Postby Black Mantis » 15 Jun 2010, 12:55

I'll be getting Castlevania. Been meaning to for ages, but I always forget.
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Postby monty_79 » 15 Jun 2010, 13:09

Castlevania and Geometry wars for me.
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Postby DJ Mercenary » 15 Jun 2010, 13:19

Bought Castlevania a week or two after it release on XBLA i got the final chievo off it a couple of months back, almost 3 years later... lol!

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Postby KesMonkey » 15 Jun 2010, 13:51

In my humble opinion, everyone should own Geometry Wars 2. If you don't already own it, now's the time.
Bionic Commando is a fantastic title too, especially for that price.
I never did understand the fuss about Castlevania SotN though. I bought it not long after it's release on XBLA, based on universal praise, but ended up being disappointed. I suppose I just don't 'get it'. Oh well.
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Postby flash501 » 15 Jun 2010, 14:03

Castlevania is absolutely essential at that price. Utterly brilliant game.
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Postby TheMullet3 » 15 Jun 2010, 14:41

I really should get castlevania. For years I've read so many good things about the saturn version.
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Postby ensabahnur » 15 Jun 2010, 16:22

Castlevania SOTN at that price is a steal for anyone who hasn't bought it yet. I just can't wait to see the arcade montage video showing Castlevania Harmony of Despair. That is one game I am very interested in.
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Postby YCshinobi » 15 Jun 2010, 20:50

Castlevania, Braid, and Turtles for me, the rest I have or just not interested in.
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