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Kinect launch games confirmed

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Casual games ahoy

Microsoft's confirmed several of Kinect's launch titles. Don't expect any Gears of War.... read more

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Kinect launch games confirmed

Postby ste hicky » 14 Jun 2010, 19:51

i own a 360,like motion when done right and was hoping this wouldn't come to pass.

however,just because i own a 360 doesn't mean i can't call it how i see it,so here goes: sh!t.

i said dead by xmas 2011 the other day.

let me rephrase: dead.

i hope somewhere along the line it's codename was lazarus,cos that's the type of comeback it needs now.

over to you sony.
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Kinect launch games confirmed

Postby Mmmmgrolsch » 14 Jun 2010, 19:53

Seriously now, if anyone says that Kinetic isn't a load of casual s**t then you are delusional
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Kinect launch games confirmed

Postby only_777 » 14 Jun 2010, 19:55

Still watching the video now (windows 7 snap is actually a great feature!).
So this is what all MS's hype was about? Its rubbish.
The track & field game they showed was laggy. If you watch the avitars they were not moving the same time as when they were jumping.
It was a bit harder to see if the river rapid game was too laggy but there was a classic at the end. When it took pictures of the players during their session at the end when it showed the 'double duck' picture the players were not actually ducking at all!

I really feel sorry for all the xbox fans who really belived that MS were going to pull out some gems, only to have their dreams p**sed over.
Oh well at least you don't need to waste all that energy pressing buttoms to stop videos any more!
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Postby harky » 14 Jun 2010, 20:16

I'd sum it up as disappointing. The games they showed might be fun for a short while, but I couldn't see myself playing them by myself. Still a good presentation kinect aside. Fable 3, gears and halo look sweet, and so does the new xbox.
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Postby Black Mantis » 14 Jun 2010, 21:08

I've watched a few of the vids again and whilst it's definitely for the casuals at this moment in time, I'll get it if the price is right. I'll definitely get some fun out of it and my gf likes it too.
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Postby bloodbathrich » 15 Jun 2010, 10:01

i like it :)

It was with help from the Wii that got my gf into she can pull off a damn good head shot on CoD so this will only help.

loving river rush, just thinking of it like a modern version of Toobin :)
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