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Criterion countdown keeps us guessing

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New Need for Speed at E3 but is there more?

One of those mysterious and somehow unnerving countdowns has appeared on the Criterion website.... read more

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Criterion countdown keeps us guessing

Postby TW15T3D » 11 Jun 2010, 11:58

A new and better burnout please, hell just remake burnout 1 & 2 to work in HD and I would be happy. :D
TW15T3D 37
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Postby boskersrevenge » 11 Jun 2010, 12:08

Yup, a real Burnout would be good.

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Postby Jon Ahmad » 11 Jun 2010, 12:14

Yup, I think you've nailed it...BLACK 2 it could well be...
Jon Ahmad 52
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Postby stedman » 11 Jun 2010, 12:23

Another Burnout paradise or similar type game would be amazing...that game is truely fantastic, and with great support and great dlc.
stedman 32
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Postby spam23 » 11 Jun 2010, 12:34

A proper Burnout would be nice, not more of this awful 'Paradise' crap.

Of course with Blur and Split/Second both out it'd have to be really good.
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Postby joppers » 11 Jun 2010, 12:39

A cross between split second and the best burnout game: burnout takedown would be perfect
joppers 12
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Joined: 11 Jun 2010, 12:37

Postby equinox80 » 11 Jun 2010, 13:02

Yup, I think you've nailed it...BLACK 2 it could well be...

I think the team behind Black have moved to Codemasters and are making Body Count which isn't actually Black 2 but is meant to be it's 'spiritual successor'. I wouldn't say no to a full bodied version of Black 2 though either, just with a few more save points may be.
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Postby RandyTandy » 11 Jun 2010, 13:16

Please new Burnout!

Please new Burnout!

Please new Burnout!
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Postby Jon Ahmad » 11 Jun 2010, 13:17

Yes. I read that several of the lead programmers who worked on the original Black moved to Codemasters, who as you rightly point out, are developing Bodycount. But I think the actual Black IP is still owned by Criterion (I could be wrong mind you) but either way, it would be lovely to see a new Black....
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Jon Ahmad 52
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Postby ensabahnur » 11 Jun 2010, 13:39

Just give me Big Surf Shores and the Supercar from Burnout 2 as a download and i'd be happy. I could burn round that track all day without crashing or losing my turbo. Me and my mate would play that track for hours and whoever got to the first corner first would usually win it by about 0.5 of a second. It was almost like we were shadowing each other. The franchise started going downhill for me after Burnout 2 (or Bumtrout 2 as my friend liked to call it). Paradise was just too far. Go back to singular tracks or just use the open world as a hub and put barriers in when in a race to define the track.
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Postby SoulChimera » 11 Jun 2010, 16:36

Road Rash
Big Money!
Big Prizes!
I Love It!!
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SoulChimera 60
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Postby GTCzeero » 11 Jun 2010, 17:23

Burnout please, let Need for Speed die already. It's obvious that EA haven't been sure what to do with that series for years now.
GTCzeero 31
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Postby aliferg » 11 Jun 2010, 19:00

spam 23, you dont know what the £uck you are talking about, I suppose you think need for speed is brilliantly fabulous, cock!

BP was brilliant, no other car racing game has come anywhere near it in terms of graphics, the idea of was brilliant. Yes different to the others, but they took a big leap in change, unlike EA and there £ucking trash of a series, which I agree with GTC zeero. The only decent one they made was on the ps2, since then they have been wank.

Bring on BP2, with maybe another change :-) that spam23 doesnt like please :-)
aliferg 33
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Postby Samildanach » 11 Jun 2010, 19:39

Yeah, I'd like to see Black 2.

But is it just me, or do racing games seem to be coming the new FPS? Seems like theres loads of similar type racers coming out, not that I'm complaining, I just find it hard to decide what to get!
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Postby lippy1001 » 12 Jun 2010, 12:06

Are they making the new Need for Speed? If so... :D
I'm really hoping its that, they could do wonders with the NFS franchise
lippy1001 27
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