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EA E3 line-up detailed

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Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 and a few sports titles

Electronic Arts has revealed the games it's set to showcase at this year's E3 show.... read more

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EA E3 line-up detailed

Postby badgerpog » 10 Jun 2010, 15:24

Spare Parts? What't that about then?
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Postby kimoak » 10 Jun 2010, 15:29

I hope we still get plenty of surprises. It's nice to get a list early, but just like Christmas, I like not knowing everything I am going to get on the day.
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Postby Forge88 » 10 Jun 2010, 15:51

I still think Mass Effect PS3 will make an appearance at E3.

Am sorry but EA just dont do exclusives and this a game PS3 owners should be jealous about for not having

IMO it just beats God of War 3 for GOTY so far.
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Postby Eclipse Dj » 10 Jun 2010, 15:57

I was expecting to see Grand Slam 2 on Wii and Grand Slam HD(PS3/360) maybe using the PS3 Move!

Tiger 11, and NBA Jam have me interested.

I'm sure Natal will get the definitive version of EA Sports Active 2, and JUST DANCE! Potential to shift lots of units, other than that I fail to see Natal's appeal for mainstream gaming apart from head-tracking!
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Postby rogueybear » 10 Jun 2010, 19:52

better get all these first hand or your f**ked
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Postby The_KFD_Case » 12 Jun 2010, 19:59

Out of that entire list there are only two games I'm definitely interested in: Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor. Crysis 2 comes in rated as a shaky "maybe".

I won't mind buying DS2 as new though with a discounted price (or I'll simply wait), and MoH I want to play on the PC so if it comes with crap-tacular DRM I simply won't buy it. Same goes for Crysis 2.

Oh, and since I predominantly care little for online play EA's money grabbing, power stunt will have zero effect in regards to stopping me from buying used. Read it and weep EA, you unscrupulous bastard of a hairy whore!
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