Driver trailer causes nostalgia

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Car park slalom. Remember the good times?

Ubisoft's released the first teaser trailer for the next Driver, which is set to be unearthed at E3.... read more

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Driver trailer causes nostalgia

Postby Focker420 » 08 Jun 2010, 18:20

:shock: :D :shock:
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Postby NEOnburN9 » 08 Jun 2010, 18:32

Loved the movie editor on Driv3r wonder if they will do anything like that again
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Postby joemikey » 08 Jun 2010, 19:26

The original was a real classic, hope this is a remake.
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Postby luigi836 » 08 Jun 2010, 19:27

Hell yeah
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Postby djreplay » 08 Jun 2010, 19:28

I really want to play Driver 2 now,sadly though ps1 games have aged like brittany spears
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Postby RandyTandy » 08 Jun 2010, 19:34

Driv3r is still one of my favourite games from last gen. I'm not even kidding!

If they make it mission based but keep an open-world to play around with like in 3 and lose the sandbox structure of Parallel Lines then all will be well.

We don't need another GTA-clone, just a tightly designed wheel spin.
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Postby gurpal2 » 08 Jun 2010, 20:14

I guess if they can do it with movies they can do it with games.
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Postby ewko117 » 08 Jun 2010, 21:00

Wow that would be frickin awesum, adored first two!!

SF on the keyring does suggest a revisit to San Francisco right enough, when I hear of a driver remake my head instantly fills with a million thoughts and questions, and some of them are biggies,
will you be limited to driving only? (risky these days)
If it's driving only how are they going to define it from early NFS games?

Will there be gunning and gangster or undercover missions?? (Oooh very gta, how are they going to set it apart)
I utterly loved driver 1.
There was a lot to be said about the complete dreaded feeling you were drenched in and the knowledge you were now living on borrowed time with a 5 star wanted and the cops kamikaze attitude to stopping you from your criminal activities, a true great moment in gaming..

I sincerely hope I can relax and stop worrying about how this game will be and just rejoice in its triumphant (hopefully) return.
But there are questions that will need to be answered.

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Postby harky » 08 Jun 2010, 23:10

I absolutely hated the car park section in driver 1. Disaster. Even with an exploder so I could have unlimited time I couldn't do the reverse 180. Eventually found some glitchy way round it and adored the rest of the game.
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