LucasArts E3 line-up confirmed

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Star Wars, Monkey Island and not much else

LucasArts is the latest developer to confirm it will be showing its games at E3. Look below for a non-surprise.... read more

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LucasArts E3 line-up confirmed

Postby coolpro » 08 Jun 2010, 10:51

Are you also going to mention that the FU:2 official site is already live with a few interactive web games & teasers about the plot of the new gam? No, OK!
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Postby pin316 » 08 Jun 2010, 11:47

it's probably too much to hope for that the 'more' they mentioned is a remake/sequal to x-wing vs tie fighter....
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Postby MrPirtniw » 08 Jun 2010, 13:20

@pin316: We can all but hope.

Boy, do I love X-wings...
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Postby metallicorphan » 08 Jun 2010, 14:54

star wars battlefront 3 for Jesus's s**t stained nappies sake
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Postby Padua » 08 Jun 2010, 15:12

I have little confidence that Move or Wave will be anything but gimmicks inspired by Wii - BUT if LucasArts release a decent light-sabre motion combat game THEN I'd buy that in a heartbeat :idea:
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Postby The Kool Kid » 08 Jun 2010, 15:34

More = Star Wars Battlefront 3? Please please please!
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Postby NEOnburN9 » 08 Jun 2010, 19:28

Somehow I don't think we are going to get the news we are all waiting for...BF3 :cry:
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Postby NickRepulse » 09 Jun 2010, 03:50

the force will be with them at E3 8)
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