E3 vs. GamesCom: Industry must choose, says Namco

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Two shows in three months "too much" for publishers, says VP

The games industry needs to choose between E3 and rising European trade show, GamesCom - because supporting both costs too much.... read more

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E3 vs. GamesCom: Industry must choose, says Namco

Postby metallicorphan » 03 Jun 2010, 13:55

well,i think it would be best to move one of them to a later/earlier date if the Publishers are really that bothered

1 every 6 months?

but then you have smaller conventions,so that will prolly put the strain on them

or,and this i know may sound a bit daft,but maybe the publishers don't have to announce everything they have at E3,split them ...announce the stuff at the first one which they think will be out first,and the stuff that is out later save for the latter convention

many answers there are but i don't think just one has to be THE one convention/expo
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Postby originalbadboy » 03 Jun 2010, 14:18

They shoudl really have one around May June and then one around Christmas time ....
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Postby dannyhulse » 03 Jun 2010, 14:47

well no not really the way I see it both serbe a purpose: E3 is where all the big announcements for the year are and gamescom is where the public gets to play all the upcoming games

so yeah just move the dates slightly further apart
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Postby Eight Ball » 03 Jun 2010, 14:56

Imo it would be great like this...

E3 in April/May (LA, USA)

Gamescom in November/December (London, UK)
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Postby Eclipse Dj » 03 Jun 2010, 15:39

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Postby Nollog » 03 Jun 2010, 15:44

1 in May and the other in November would be ideal.
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Postby Raptor117 » 03 Jun 2010, 17:07

Who is Namco to ask everyone to choose between the two? It's like seeing the BluRay VS HDDVD war all over again or Steve Jobs crusading for everyone to dump Flash and use HTML 5 instead.

Competition is the driving force for innovation. Here we have Namco asking other companies to shun a competitor for it's favoured event. If they don't like it, then they shouldn't come. Maybe there'll be room for smaller, unknown companies to shine.

IMHO : Leave E3 for the Big Four (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Apple) while Gamecom will be for hundreds of emerging companies (including indie)who would surely bring fresh ideas onto the table and we'll have a lot choices in the future.

That'll cause a lot of growth in the industry.
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Postby alan666 » 03 Jun 2010, 17:13

why don't Namco just choose one event to go to, maybe they are upset they only have enough new stuff for one event :lol:
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