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Bethesda reveals E3 line-up

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Fallout: New Vegas, Rage, Brink and Hunted

Bethesda's detailed its E3 line-up, which will include hands-on time with promising Splash Damage shooter, Brink.... read more

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Bethesda reveals E3 line-up

Postby ste hicky » 01 Jun 2010, 15:47

no elder scrolls 5?

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Bethesda reveals E3 line-up

Postby metallicorphan » 01 Jun 2010, 15:48

Bravo Bethesda,that is quite a great line up

now if you could just have a little surprise at E3 for us in the form of The Elder Scrolls 5 and i will announce that you win E3
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Postby IbanezLewis » 01 Jun 2010, 15:51

I would lick a carpet for Elder Scrolls V.
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Postby Tricky_Rich » 01 Jun 2010, 16:01

IbanezLewis wrote:I would lick a carpet for Elder Scrolls V.
Would that be the same as munching a rug? :lol:
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Postby Leobreaker87 » 01 Jun 2010, 16:03

I would REALY like to see a new ELDER SCROLLS game. Either Elder Scrolls V of Elder Scrolls Online (Yes I remember that news)
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Postby kimoak » 01 Jun 2010, 16:09

Cannot wait to see how RAGE is shaping up.
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Postby rivariad » 01 Jun 2010, 17:56

its too early for a new elder scrolls, bethesda gotta wait for his clones to settle down first, they breed out like horny rabbits every single day.
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Postby daffy88 » 01 Jun 2010, 18:34

I would like to see another elders game, but I think I could wait till the next generation of consoles come out. (Not this gen).

I'm sure they could still improve upon oblivion, but surely not by much.
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Postby hi0marc » 01 Jun 2010, 21:20

RAGE Lookin awesome love to see some latest footage from that and Brink too
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Postby Richy23 » 01 Jun 2010, 21:47

So this would be Bethesda acting for ID Software too then would it, considering RAGE was developed by ID in the first place! Still, now they are both a team, they can share the duties of publishing and marketing, though I think the lack of mention about ID is a bit worrying.
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Postby metallicorphan » 01 Jun 2010, 22:34

rivariad wrote:its too early for a new elder scrolls

The Elder Scrolls III-Morrowind-2002
The Elder Scrolls IV-Oblivion-March 2006

so its over 4 years since the last one,not too early i reckon,especially just to show it off at an E3,and sod the clones,Bethesda can show them how to do it(again)

some games that are shown at E3s doesn't mean they will be released within the next year....look at MGS Rising that was announced at last years E3,still not yeah,i think its time to announce TES5
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Postby ledickolas » 01 Jun 2010, 23:15

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Speaking as a mother....
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Postby RandyChimp » 01 Jun 2010, 23:39

Rockstar could announce GTA5 at E3 and I wouldn't care if Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls V.

Crossing fingers. I really want Elder Scrolls V, especially if it's based in the entire realm of Tamriel instead of just one province. Oh and the ability to become a Pirate/Ninja. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself....
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Postby The_KFD_Case » 02 Jun 2010, 07:09

*sigh* Elder Scrolls V now please. The other titles sound promising too (although with Monolith being in charge of Fallout 3: New Vegas and the overall dullness of the beautifully crafted FO3, it's up in the air as to whether it'll duplicate the success story,) but none match my desire for a new chapter (preferably all of Tamriel again!) in the Elder Scrolls series.
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