Killzone 2 wins gaming's first Ivor Novello

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Joris de Man honoured for Killzone 2 score

Killzone 2 has won the award for 'Best Original Video Game Score' in a first for the prestigious Ivor Novello awards.... read more

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Killzone 2 wins gaming's first Ivor Novello

Postby weijian » 21 May 2010, 14:33

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Postby timewarp1 » 21 May 2010, 14:41

My People! Sons and Daughters of Helghan! This much I vow. The History of these days will be written in blood! "
I nearly know this off by heart, I play it that much!

Wish the score would come out on napster though as I dont use I tunes :)
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Postby Sneferu » 21 May 2010, 14:53

Not surprising really. The music was the thing about the game, lol!!!
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Postby vmanb » 21 May 2010, 15:16

To this day my parrot is still saying..... MY PEOPLE, THIS MUCH I VOW, etc. Doing my head in now that bleeding bird. Great game though :lol:
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Postby Skill_Machine » 21 May 2010, 15:25

What about Heavy Rain that had good music
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Postby Insidious » 21 May 2010, 15:39

Total Empire: Total War, eh? :) .

Eh, I can think of a couple of scores I'd have put above all those nominees myself, but ah well.
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Postby Multiplayerking » 21 May 2010, 15:58

Heavy Rain clearly had the best music in a video game. JASON
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Postby kimoak » 21 May 2010, 16:05

Manic Miner had the best music in a video game, EVA!

Can't say I give a monkeys about the Ivor The Engine awards anyhow. All a tad boring.
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Postby KippDynamite » 21 May 2010, 20:52

Most modern games don't really have memorable music, but Killzone 2 surprisingly does.
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