Modern Warfare slashed to £5 at GAME

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Infinity Ward classic just £11 new; Even less pre-owned

GAME seems to be selling off its remaining stock of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: The UK retailer is offering the FPS for an astounding £4.98 pre-owned on Xbox 360 and PS3.... read more

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Modern Warfare slashed to £5 at GAME

Postby versionr » 09 May 2010, 23:59

I'm glad I managed to sell my copy on ebay for £13 the other week! :D
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Postby pmantis » 10 May 2010, 07:05

I like this bargin bin angle cvg has taken. No! I'm really serious keep giving us cheap bargins next to the normal news.
mw was a classic and i wouldn't mind paying a fiver for it, mw2 was messy on every level.
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Postby altitude2k » 10 May 2010, 08:18

I can't believe I actually thought "that's not a bad deal". The pain isn't as raw as last November, clearly.
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Postby kimoak » 10 May 2010, 09:16

At the weekend I saw copies of the Wii version second hand for £25. A bit steep imo.
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Postby SICARIUS1 » 10 May 2010, 09:51

Great deal. COD4 is a fantastic game.
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Postby svd_grasshopper » 10 May 2010, 10:00

slash its face so noone wants it!
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Postby equinox80 » 10 May 2010, 10:34

I only got my Xbox in Nov 09 with MW2. Is it worth me getting this now?
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Postby feeg86 » 10 May 2010, 13:26

So you can get that for a fiver and get all the maps with it or pay a tenner for the mw2 maps with 2 of the mw maps?

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Postby danz202 » 10 May 2010, 23:44

£5 for CoD4 is a great deal, it's such a great game, I don't understand why MW2 is not as good as it. I played CoD4 just today and remembered why I enjoyed playing it.

I don't know why CoD4 on the Wii is still quite a bit though, I'm waiting for it to go down before I think about buying it.
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