Prince of Persia movie 'can't rely on gamers'

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Jerry Bruckheimer says success depends on the wider public

Jerry Bruckheimer has said that, as far as the upcoming Prince of Persia Hollywood film is concerned, the wider public is more important than fans of the game.... read more

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Prince of Persia movie 'can't rely on gamers'

Postby coolpro » 26 Apr 2010, 15:12

... & neither did "Pirates of the Caribean" rely on people who have been to a disney theme park!

Stop talking Jerry ... you are boring me!
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Postby Marlonjb » 26 Apr 2010, 16:47

Well if it's as bad as some of the other tosh that's been made from videogames (Resident Evil, street fighter etc) then you cant rely on the movie going public either.

I hope the P.O.P breaks the trend however.
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Postby AegisK » 26 Apr 2010, 18:10

I know what he means but you can't drop out gamers entirely. If it was an awesome film with at least some game aspects covered then that's fine.

Lets say someone was to make a Duke Nukem film; you'd expect some classic lines and Duke's "mighty boot" to be included in there somewhere otherwise it wouldn't be true to the game. Where film makers tend to go wrong its usually around the point when they base the film on the games universe, but don't include any iconic content. Either that or they just make it plain boring.
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Postby roland82 » 26 Apr 2010, 20:02

If movie makers had a choice between an amazing gamers film that we all loved but made no money


A super crappy film r ape of a game, that gamers hated and the general public loved and sold like Avatar what would they pick?
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Postby bubblyofart » 26 Apr 2010, 21:14

Kids who are playing the game might not be by the time the movie comes out," he said.

That's rather insulting to a lot of gamers, dont you think? Who says all the people who played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time were children?
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Postby kimoak » 27 Apr 2010, 11:54

For me I just want a decent movie with enough nods to it's source material to keep me happy. Oh and keep it in the same universe... Oh and don't cast Milla Jovovic... Oh and don't let Paul Andersin have anything to do with it... Oh and Uwe Boll.
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