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MTV announces Rock Band: Green Day

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Title to see worldwide release this summer

MTV Games has announced Rock Band: Green Day is set to lauch worldwide on June 8th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.... read more

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MTV announces Rock Band: Green Day

Postby Stu_the_great » 11 Mar 2010, 21:42

This was announced absolutely aaaages ago, and CVG wrote an article about it then!

That aside, I cannot wait for this.
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Postby martinawatson » 11 Mar 2010, 22:10

Yeh they should be talking about home being out of Beta really
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Postby biscuit » 11 Mar 2010, 22:15

While I am a Green Day fan, surely playing the same 3 chords for hours on end will get a bit stale?
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Postby mogel94 » 11 Mar 2010, 22:39

Screw Green Day, they should make either a Lady Gaga, Gorrilaz or Alvin and the Chipmunks Rockband
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Postby bunneyo » 12 Mar 2010, 01:30

and the price doesn't bother anyone?
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Postby carlos928 » 12 Mar 2010, 03:30

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Postby JuiKuen » 12 Mar 2010, 04:14

biscuit wrote:While I am a Green Day fan, surely playing the same 3 chords for hours on end will get a bit stale?

Ditto what I thought. And don't forget singing in the same monotonous tone throughout as well. Green Day's always been stuff for kids and was never punk
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Postby backcue » 12 Mar 2010, 09:28

I like Green Day. They were punk, maybe not the stereotypical mohawk, hardnut punk mainly thought of by many poeple - but never-the-less they were part of a select few bands who created what is now known as "pop punk."
Anywho, not my cup of tea. Stuff like this should be DLC only, not packaged as a full game.
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Postby 4everutd » 12 Mar 2010, 11:47

Can't wait for this!! Dint care about not having the instruments with it, got my guitar hero ones and there fine. Guys if you don't like greenday don't buy it ok, loads of people love greenday and will buy this.
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