Worms 2D unveiled

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New 2D strategy coming to Steam

Team17 has said that a brand new game in the long-running Worm series is coming to PC via Valve's digi-delivery Steam service 'soon'.... read more

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Worms 2D unveiled

Postby runadumb » 23 Feb 2010, 20:19

Finally! I've been waiting for this. Price it right, make it easy to play against friends and instant hit. Now I wonder if I can convince any of my friends to buy it :?

ps I wish valve would release a Steam linked gaming handheld. Games like this would work so well if it offered cross platform play
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Postby jon_hill987 » 23 Feb 2010, 20:33

I'm glad to hear they are going back to 2D. Worms Armageddon is the best to date, the only thing it was lacking is an AI capable of being difficult because strategy rather than simple pinpoint accuracy. If they can take what made WA good and combine it with a decent AI this could be very good.

*Goes off reminiscing about family games of Worms +the reinforcements expansion pack.
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Postby ShowMeTheMonkey » 23 Feb 2010, 20:34

All they need to do is add a "drop in and play" feature to it, and it'll sell like your Mums hotcakes...
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Postby roland82 » 23 Feb 2010, 21:33

I had worms plus when I was a kid, I got it as a boxset, only worked out how to play the expansion after a year.........
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Postby SAeN » 24 Feb 2010, 01:34

A few days ago, I re-read Nondricks adventures, and a new one popped up!
2 Days ago I was looking for my old copy of Worms Armageddon without luck, now a new Worms!

I wonder if there is a new, non-mmo, Elder Scrolls coming out? :D
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Postby spam23 » 24 Feb 2010, 11:11

I got so desperate for a worms fix I downloaded it to my 360. Worms sucks ass on a 360. Want PC fix nao!

The major thing that annoys me is the worms AI, all those weapons in their arsenal and all they ever use is impossible bazooka / grenade shots. Agh.
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