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Mass Effect 2 PC patched

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Version 1.01 released for boxed copies

BioWare has released Mass Effect 2 PC patch 1.01 for those who bought a boxed copy of the game (digi copies should be updated automatically). Here's what you need to know.... read more

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Mass Effect 2 PC patched

Postby slick loose » 22 Feb 2010, 22:04

wow! How did such a high profile game get released with so much stuff wrong with it? Has the 360 version got any glitches?
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Postby mafiahobo » 22 Feb 2010, 22:41

@slick loose. you'll find there really isn't many game braking bugs really. considering they've had 1 month to find them out
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Postby johnway » 22 Feb 2010, 23:26

wish they would sort out the occassional problem with AI not responding to orders as they get stuck in one area. Thank god for them spawning when you move too far away.

Oh and the slow down in voices whenever you run or aim.

Lastly some way to assign keys to instantly access journal, character abilities and quick select weapons. Just like in the old game. Granted, it'll have to be tweaked as some classes can only hold certain guns. - My sketch book drawings.

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Postby DrLucienSanchez » 22 Feb 2010, 23:58

Xbox version crashed on me at least 3 times which isn't bad in itself, except most games don't crash at all... and on a few occasions Shepard disappeared entirely in the cut scenes/conversation videos... which was more amusing that annoying... Still, surprising none the less.
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Postby freds1 » 23 Feb 2010, 02:45

I can sometimes get stuck on scenery, ending up on top of say a pile of crates or a stack of tyres unable to get back down. A strange one I had not 20 minutes ago that I was unable to turn around, instead the camera moved around Shepard with the mouse while he was still facing the same direction, quick save and load sorted that one out. Some graphical glitches over dialogue but still readable. Lag from Shepard's spoken lines.

Think those are the only bugs I've had.

Funny though it hasn't crashed once, now that IS surprising considering I have it on the PC.
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Postby Mark Hayhurst » 23 Feb 2010, 08:48

I played the xbox version and on a couple of occassions the autosaves missed out chunks of my game. I started a game from an autosave to find a team mate that I'd got missing, and the 2nd time one of them wanted to talk to me about starting a new mission I'd already done.

It wasn't reverting to an earlier save either cos the save time is logged. Twas odd.
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Postby Brett Sinclair » 23 Feb 2010, 12:06

"It is recommended that players reset their keyboard mapping to default values to ensure proper vehicle control."

Proper vehicle control of what?Am i to take it the Mako replacement is in this patch?I thought that was coming via DLC?

As long as i don't get stuck in mid air anymore...
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Re: Mass Effect 2 PC patched

Postby The_KFD_Case » 23 Feb 2010, 12:16

slick loose wrote:wow! How did such a high profile game get released with so much stuff wrong with it? Has the 360 version got any glitches?

I haven't encountered any of those bugs and I've been playing ME2 non-stop since I picked it up on Jan. 28th. Some of the bugs mentioned could be quite frustrating I imagine, yet as another poster mentioned they are not outright "game breaking". ME2 has been as smooth as silk in my experience aside from the occasional walking-upwards-on-in-game-scenery. Often I can simply walk off it again, or a quick reload takes care of it. This patch is out relatively quickly. Kudos to BioWare.
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Postby daviddanut » 24 Feb 2010, 17:12

Fixed an issue where uninstalling the game under Windows Vista or Windows 7 might uninstall Mass Effect 1.

I must say, that's an impressive bug.
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