Bioshock 2 multiplayer 'wasn't shoved on'

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Developer 2K Marin says it 'went to a lot of trouble' to get new addition right; Details revealed

2K Marin has promised Bioshock fans that the second game in the series' multiplayer mode has been carefully thought out - and not "just shoved on".... read more

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Bioshock 2 multiplayer 'wasn't shoved on'

Postby YCshinobi » 18 Jan 2010, 23:14

Thats nice to know, but I'm not buying this for multiplayer.
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Postby slick loose » 18 Jan 2010, 23:20

Thats nice to know, but I'm not buying this for multiplayer.

Same here
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Postby jamifer777 » 19 Jan 2010, 04:51

i canni wait for this beast to land =D also not buying for the multiplayer, though twill be interesting to try out :)
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Postby leechant07 » 19 Jan 2010, 09:41

same I will never be playing the mutliplayer side of the game. :D
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Postby pmantis » 19 Jan 2010, 09:42

Multiplayer is a must these days, if it does not have multiplayer or co-op the reviewe just get lower. Remember when killzone 2 got bashed for not having co-op?
Multiplayer and co-op are just sly ways of cementing that 9+ score on ign. Bioshock 2 was one of the last games i thought would end up having mutliplayer, So was dead space 2 and gta iv believe it or not.

I'll tell you what those whores want to do, Slap a multiplayer and co-op mode on a game like flower. Next your going to be paying a tenner for co-op in dlc form(wait that's already happened - resi evil 5). If you thought mulitplayer map packs were as far as it would go then your very wrong. Next there going to be charging for multiplayer game modes, Next thing you know is your downloading a 4 gb file and paying £20 for the full multiplayer mode which should have been in the f**king game.

Developers slapping multiplayer modes on games which you thought never needed them is just the start of something very very ugly. It's call big business and it wants every f**king penny you have.

Remember goldeneye, mgs1, zelda 64 etc? those were the great days when gaming was fun and simple. Great games which are fun and simple really should'nt be whored out to the highest bidder.
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Postby kimoak » 19 Jan 2010, 10:53

I'll give multiplayer a go. I am in the camp that Muliplayer can be a benefit in Bioshock. A sort of chronical or the bedlam that was unleashed with the availability of Plasmids. Obviously, everything went to pot so multiplayer is a way of showing us what sort of thing was happening before Jack landed back in Rapture.
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Postby gils » 19 Jan 2010, 11:04

i'll give the MP a go but iam buying the game mainly for the SP. Cant wait for this..
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Postby oldgit66 » 19 Jan 2010, 12:08

Day one purchase for me,not really bothered about the multiplayer as long as it don`t screw up the campaign
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Postby Jensonjet » 19 Jan 2010, 13:10

More interesting that the developer feels the need to let fans know that multiplayer is not just an after-thought.

The fact a different company worked on the multiplayer section makes it obvious this side of the game has been treated respectfully and hasn't just been tacked on. So why the need to stress this further? I suspect, like the majority of us, they fear the multiplayer side of BioShock will be all but ignored by most.

I've no doubt that the game will be popular enough, but I can't imagine multiplayer will compete with the likes of Halo, Call of Duty, or as popular online as the Left4Dead and Borderlands market for that matter. Bioshock didn't need multiplayer, I can't blame the developers for trying, but I suspect it'll take another sequel or two for it's multiplayer to be popular, if it's ever going to be.
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