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500 free Wii Points up for grabs

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Nintendo launches online giveaway

Nintendo is giving Wii owners 500 free Wii Points - just for helping someone else get their console online.... read more

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500 free Wii Points up for grabs

Postby sened9 » 18 Jan 2010, 18:55

How old is this. Keep up to date CVG :lol:
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Postby YCshinobi » 18 Jan 2010, 19:18

This is well old :lol:

I think the US just got this feature recently, maybe thats why, but EU has had this for months now.
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Postby Athrun888 » 18 Jan 2010, 22:33

When I saw the headline I thought there was a new promotion incoming, seems not. :lol:
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Postby kimoak » 19 Jan 2010, 10:03

It's like Deja-vu all over again ;)
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Postby magicdan2002 » 25 Feb 2010, 15:51

I’m a Nintendo Ambassador, so I’m happy to help people get their Wii online so you get 500 free points (enough for one retro game e.g. Pacman, original Super Mario Bros etc) Even if you don’t need the help, you can still get the points by putting your Wii online then adding my Wii number which is 8204 5356 8089 6841 (add after clicking Wii Shop Channel, then Connection Ambassador, then ‘Person Who Was Helped’) Then email me YOUR Wii number to, I’ll enter it on my Wii then we’ll both get the free points!

Please note you must have a UK Wii console - and you have to have put your Wii online for the first time in the last 30 days - any later than that and it won’t work!
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