The hardest game on Wii is...

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Sin And Punishment 2, according to Official Nintendo Magazine

Official Nintendo Magazine has named what it believes to be the 'hardest ever game on Wii'.... read more

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The hardest game on Wii is...

Postby Balladeer » 17 Jan 2010, 21:04

Good to know. Maybe that will shut up all the people who say the Wii isn't hardcore.

I'm joking, of course.
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Postby dark_gamer » 17 Jan 2010, 23:12

Can't wait to play this game, but where's the sound in the video? :?
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Postby bazzatuk » 18 Jan 2010, 12:14

OMG! Sell your Xbox and Playstation consoles.

The Wii has one TRUE hardcore title. The floodgates will open.

I think not, as much as Sin and Punishment 2 deserves to succeed I feel it will fail as 'core' players by majority have left the Wii behind.
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Postby ste hicky » 18 Jan 2010, 12:46

i'm playing the japanese version at the moment. it is a bit tricky but it's not exactly ikaruga onm.

i've been waiting for a game along the lines of starfox/panzer dragoon for years and this is exactly what was needed.

now nintendo,where on earth is the co nintendo/treasure developed starfox?

i'm actually playing more on the wii than my 360 or pc at the moment. silent hill,muramasa,s&P2,the uncensored nmh and cod4 are keeping me busy until nmh2,tatsunoko vs capcom and mass effect 2(360) turn up next week.
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