Star Trek Online offers 'ridiculous level of freedom'

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PC Gamer has high hopes for MMO - but fears ground combat could let title down

PC Gamer has previewed Star Trek Online in its latest issue - and applauded the game for offering a 'ridiculous level of freedom'.... read more

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Star Trek Online offers 'ridiculous level of freedom'

Postby r0zm4n » 12 Jan 2010, 13:30

Open beta starts today (6PM UK), there are keys available all over the place.

Had the opportunity to play all day Sunday in closed beta.

You know what, I could write a 6 page review for you but I'll just give you this.

I played 10 hours straight and it wasn't until I was dragged away (kicking and screaming :P) that it dawned on me that I'd spent the whole time in the 'starter area'. You remember those right? Rats, Scorpions, wolves, spiders? STO feels like no other MMO I've ever played. Ground combat is getting a bit of kicking for being dull and samey but when you think about it, how 'exciting' is killing 10 rats and collecting 10 wolf pelts in the early levels of a game?

Space combat tho.. WOW.. boy does it kick the behind out of anything I've ever seen. At level 5 (which was about 5 hours in) I was fighting alongside a whole fleet of Federation ships, swarmed by Klingon ships and everyone was having such a blast.

Here's your box quote :P "STO feels like end-game content the minute you finish the tutorial."
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Postby ukdruid » 12 Jan 2010, 16:47

And thats only the begining r0zm4n, i had the distinct pleasure of getting to see some of the mid range content, i made it to Commander rank 3 before the closed beta ended.

And the episode content is out of this world, if anyones a trekkie going into this game then they will be in nirvana, 1 mission had us going through the time travaling mirrior from ToS and going back in time to stop a rogue klingon captain from changing the past with present day technology, we meet and save kirk when you come out in to the past, truely awe inspireing to experience.

I believe the strongest selling point of this game will be the Episode missions.
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