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Rare Christmas theme pics and card

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Must nearly be that time of the year again?

Looks like 360 avatar developer Rare has one last update for 2009. A premium Xbox 360 theme and a Chriastmas card. Pics below.... read more

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Rare Christmas theme pics and card

Postby monkey_puncher » 16 Dec 2009, 20:29

Pretty nice, I'm not paying for it though. I'll stick with the free Christmas premium theme from last year me thinks.
monkey_puncher 50
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Postby MrMoobs » 16 Dec 2009, 20:52

Theres a... could it be.... its a bulldozer... I hope that means a new Blast Corps.
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MrMoobs 33
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Postby StonecoldMC » 16 Dec 2009, 21:09

A boxing glove with T J (T J Combo) on it?

You bar stewards Rare, you bar stewards :lol: .
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Postby SoulChimera » 17 Dec 2009, 08:47

240 points for this rubbish or 800 points for Shadow Complex? Hmmm. Tough choice. Haha.
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Postby FatBoyFonz » 17 Dec 2009, 11:11

Was there a free premium theme available last year?
Thinking about it if there was it should still be on my Xbox somewhere shouldn't it?
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Postby Amish McSwegan » 17 Dec 2009, 11:49

remember years ago........their cards used to be choca block full of stuff.....look at it now!! a fews toys.
Amish McSwegan 33
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Postby Dajmin » 17 Dec 2009, 11:55

Looks like Killer Instinct (boxing glove), maybe Jetpac or maybe Banjo (rocket) and Blast Corps (bulldozer). There's a tennis racquet in the background and a table tennis paddle in the middle, but I don't know any Rare sports titles.

But they do this every year and still no new Killer Instinct game. The damn teasers!
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Postby le_don » 17 Dec 2009, 12:34

Yeh the blast corps bull dozer. Perhaps the tennis racket and boxing gloves are a hint as to the new Natal games that Rare are said to be working on?
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