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Infamous shifts over 1.2 million copies

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Sony US has said that Sucker Punch Productions' excellent open world actioner has sold over one million copies as of October 2009.... read more

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Infamous shifts over 1.2 million copies

Postby runadumb » 06 Dec 2009, 22:39

I really enjoyed Infamous. It was much much better than prototype in my opinion. I will play through it again at some stage.
Playing Uncharted 2 now and bloody hell its incredible. I had no idea the ps3 could do graphics that good
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Postby The_KFD_Case » 07 Dec 2009, 00:08

"Infamous" and "Uncharted 2" are the two titles that immediately spring to my mind when I think of PS3 exclusives I am genuinely interested in. However, I do not consider it sufficient to justify investing in yet another gaming platform when I don't seem to be able to squeeze enough time in to my gaming hobby between my PC and Xbox 360 as it is. The two aforementioned games do look lovely though, IMO.
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Postby Sinthetic » 07 Dec 2009, 01:11

as i've said loads of times, it's the reason i bought the ps3 when it was coming out. a f**king sublime game. oozes style and class.
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Postby starsail » 07 Dec 2009, 09:02

I think this provided a great answer to Crackdown and I hope it continues to sell well. This is what is known as healthy rivalary and can only be good for us gamers.

Sequel please! How would it work though? Would Cole lose his powers to rebuild them from the start (POOR SCRIPTING), or would he have the max from the start and gain even more fighing even bigger enemies? etc etc
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Postby dannybuoy » 07 Dec 2009, 09:04

It's a good game, however I kinda ground to a halt and have still got to finish it at some point. Good to see it sold well. A sequel?
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Postby ensabahnur » 07 Dec 2009, 12:31

It was a good game but i always felt it was lacking something to make it a classic. I finished it good side and got about half way through on evil but just kinda drifted out of it. Plus it could annoy the hell out of me with the enemies on the roofs who seemed to be crack shots and always seemed to hide whenever you precision aimed at them, that and people appearing out of nowhere in areas you've supposed to have cleaned up.
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Postby duncanskuse » 07 Dec 2009, 12:52

I got Gigawatt blades for pre-ordering the special edition ages ago, they're not very good really but at least they're free for everyone now.
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