Assassin's Creed 2

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Putting it frankly, Assassin's Creed II embarrasses the original. The long-awaited sequel to the flawed but brilliant 2007 Crusade makes such leaps in scope, presentation and yes - gameplay variety - that in comparison its predecessor is left looking... well, a bit simple.... read more

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Assassin's Creed 2

Postby Sinthetic » 17 Nov 2009, 18:12

ign - 8.8, 9.0, 9.2
eurogamer - 9/10
cvg - 9.4

amazing. made me even more excited.
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Assassin's Creed 2

Postby Conkers » 17 Nov 2009, 18:12

Sounds excellent, this pleases me greatly as though it was flawed I loved the first and this one sounds like it's built and improved on it in every possible way.

No do I buy this first or L4D2...Hmmmz.
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Assassin's Creed 2

Postby StonecoldMC » 17 Nov 2009, 18:19

This is going to be getting picked up on Friday morning along with L4D2.

The Devs seem to have picked up on all the negative points from the first Game and improved upon them across the board.

Really looking forward to trapezing over the rooftops of Venice and seeing Danny Wallace trying to act in a videogame.

Going to be a good weekend :D !
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Postby Chris W » 17 Nov 2009, 18:21

Assassin's Creed 2 seems much better than the first, it's appears to be more varied whilst still giving you the option to explore of course. The enemies from what I've seen are somewhat harder to counter now that some have armour, unlike in the first Assassin's Creed where you could pretty much counter every move from a hundred guards and never actually initiate an attack of your own!

There's also (by the looks of things), plenty of customisations and hidden items for those that like to collect everything! However, my only complaint so far is that the camera angles (when you're in a confined area), still seem a bit of an annoyance... although, I'm hoping it's just not 'translating' (onto screen), so well; guess we'll see soon enough.
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Postby ricflair » 17 Nov 2009, 18:43

Now I'm confused! Four games out on one day is just too much!

Oh and apparently from Friday you can get L4D2 for £3.99 at HMV if you trade in MW2.
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Postby DaRockwilder1 » 17 Nov 2009, 19:25

Not sure if I should bother with this. I'm trying to complete the first game at the moment but it's boring me to tears.
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Postby Little Moth » 17 Nov 2009, 21:38

Loved the first game and this one sounds amazing, gonna be buying this too, once I get the money hehe. :D
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Postby spacelion » 17 Nov 2009, 22:01

"Apatite"?? :?
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Postby milky_joe » 17 Nov 2009, 22:13

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Postby rivariad » 18 Nov 2009, 09:01

lol, batman's combat is the best ever, you cant say kobe's not that good since jordan shoots better
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Postby Mark240473 » 18 Nov 2009, 10:16

CVG, I have read on other lesser sites that the versions differ quite a bit in certain areas. I normally take this with a pinch of salt. However, being a multi-console owner I would appreciate it if you gave a simple explanation of any differences that you have seen, so that it can make my purchase a little easier. I would have purchased the PS3 version with the extra weapons, but if the 360 version is significantly better, I reckon that I could live without the extras.

For those interested, it seems that whilst the PS3 version has superior lighting, the 360 version has better textures and less screen tear.

It is a shame that there is no demo as I would like to try both for myself. :?


I've just read the Gamesradar review and there is a snippet of useful info on there:

"As is usual with multiplatform games these days, there really isn’t much of a cosmetic difference between the 360 and PS3 versions of the game; the 360 edition looks slightly sharper, while the PS3 is a little fuzzier and sports slightly warmer colors. You know how this goes. However, there is one other big difference between the two versions, and if you’re a PS3 owner, you come out ahead this time – provided, of course, you have a PSP and plan to pick up, play through and (ideally) finish Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines."

Are Gamesradar from the US?:?

Anyway, I'll probably stick with the PS3 version as it doesn't sound too bad.
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Postby ledickolas » 18 Nov 2009, 12:01

Dammit, I was hoping this would be s**t so I could just ignore it. The first had potential what ended up being a lot of tosh.

Friday is going to be expensive.... DragonAge will have to wait a bit longer.
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Postby budge » 18 Nov 2009, 13:02

Nice. I'll pick this up in a few weeks after i've blitzed Dragon Age. Really good games just keep coming out. Good times. :)
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Postby MrRage » 18 Nov 2009, 13:17

I hope its as good as they say I liked the first one even with its flaws. However didn't they also give CoD MW2 9.4 and that's pretty average, lets hope this score is based on the actual game and not just the hype/backhander from the publishers :lol:
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Postby ledickolas » 18 Nov 2009, 14:37

The backlash for COD was always going to happen, it's a total retread of what surrounded Halo 3 a couple of years ago.

It's a shame, it's a good game. The single player is short and a bit too Michael Bay for it's own good but Spec Ops is really good and the multiplayer is as in depth as you could possibly want.
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