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Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

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We're going underground to probe the secrets of 4A's sequel

Metro 2033 was one of the great under rated and under appreciated first-person shooters of this generation. Our 9/10 Metro 2033 review called it "A brilliantly atmospheric shooter with forgivably imperfect gunplay" and recommended you 'stick with it' to appreciate its many charms and gloss over its few minor flaws. ... read more

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Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

Postby CrispyLog » 14 Dec 2012, 14:51

Good work. Trailers show off so much stuff so quick you do miss a lot of it. I'm intrigued by the plot and there wasn't much there (unless it is something biblical, Noah's Ark opening after all life has been destroyed or something) as the Dark Ones have gone so is it just a straight up fight between the factions or is something important thrown in?
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Re: Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

Postby gmcb007 » 14 Dec 2012, 14:56

It looks like we'll be making a vist to the university in this game after all.
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Re: Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

Postby Johnh420 » 15 Dec 2012, 11:46

@CrispyLog - thanks! 4A and THQ have been playing it fairly close to their chest on the plot, as I guess they don't want to give too much away. Had a chat with Huw Benyon recently and there's a bit more detail here: ... n-promise/

There's certainly a three way struggle going on over the technological goodies in D6, and while there's no dark ones in LL, further supernatural elements are promised... hehe, I don't want to know too much to be honest as I'm really looking forward to playing it through - I'm going to make Tamoor do the next hands-on!
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Re: Dissected: Metro: Last Light Genesis trailer

Postby Joe90_Remy700 » 17 Dec 2012, 18:21

Johnh420 wrote:There's certainly a three way struggle going on

cant beat a good ol' 3-way struggle lol
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