Interview: Platinum men

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Atsushi Inaba and Kenji Saito explain how it feels to take Revengeance

Platinum Games has rapidly established a critical reputation in keeping with the powerhouse history of its founders. Name a great Japanese game, and the chances are its creator will be one of the Platinum men. With one big exception, of course: Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima, who runs Kojima Productions.... read more

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Interview: Platinum men

Postby SolidRenan » 06 Dec 2012, 14:38

I, as a huge fan of Metal Gear, almost a PhD in the series, was at first afraid of what the old "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" would become.

I was afraid that this game could throw all the Stealth, deep story and iconic characters into the garbage. But I, in that time, had forgot something: It was a Kojima game, and he would never leave his "legacy" at the hands of someone who couldn't take full care of it.

Passing some time, Platinum was in charge of the project, and more information of the game started to appear. Then, my fears vanished, Rising IS a Metal Gear, it is a new perspective, to attract new fans BUT it's a game for the old fans (like me) to like.

So now, even knowing the game will only be released next year (end of the world? Please, I survived a Francisco Filho - just a f*cking badass fighter - kickboxing grade exam!). I have to thank both Kojima Productions and Platinum for the game they're developing together! :D
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Re: Interview: Platinum men

Postby stealth » 06 Dec 2012, 15:34

I just knew cvg would throw in all the trolling japan crap
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Re: Interview: Platinum men

Postby ricflair » 06 Dec 2012, 17:16

I hope the comments about having a limited amount of time don't impact too much on the quality. Platinum are probably my favourite developers outside of EAD - there's gonna be four Platinum games for me next year, as long as Bayonetta 2 makes it in time - although I wouldn't mind waiting a while longer.
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