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SSFIV 360 league and tournament 2

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Re: SSFIV 360 league and tournament 2

Postby JedHawk » 12 Sep 2011, 20:39

Leagues tournaments good. I'm happy to play those games. Also... 3SoE
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Re: SSFIV 360 league and tournament 2

Postby theideal » 12 Sep 2011, 20:44

I don't mind playing in one for AE or 3S, as long as peeps can play matches at the weekend, but I don't think I can run it this time. I'm just too busy at work to keep up with all of the tracking.
I haven't even had much time to play those two either recently, though some friendly comp will likely drive me back to them.
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Re: SSFIV 360 league and tournament 2

Postby Flippo » 07 Mar 2012, 17:16

- Play everyone once.
- 99 second rounds.
- Best of three rounds for the game.
- Each match is FIVE games. Play them all.
- The winner of each game must stick with their character, though can switch Ultra if desired.
- The loser of each game can change character.
- Decide between you who hosts, it makes no difference to the match.
- One person post the result of each match in this thread in the format - PLAYER A 4 - 1 PLAYER B - Make sure it's bold and formatted EXACTLY like that please.
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