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Weapon of Choice

Postby User removed » 04 Mar 2006, 18:58

From any game, make a top 3, 10 or whatever list of your all time favourite weapons (or fighting styles).
For me it's...

1. Fusion cannon (Turok, N64): Best FPS weapon ever. Pull the trigger and you hear the ominous rumble, then the photon torpedo-like projectile emerges and KABOOMMM!!! The screen goes white, shockwaves appear and when you can see again the enemy has been hurled a good 50-feet through the air. Looks amazing in slow-mode.
2. Plastic bag (Manhunt, PS2): Nothing beats the humiliation of being smothered to death by a Tesco bag. Sick and funny all at once.
3. Bunker buster bomb air-strike (Mercenaries, PS2): Hmmm. Field full of North Vietnamese tanks, heavy artillery and ground troops blocking my way. Now, if I sneak round the back of that house I can kill that guard and...aww f**k it, let's nuke the bas***ds. They can take it out of my pay-check!
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Postby User removed » 04 Mar 2006, 19:09

1) Fists
2) Feet
3) Chainsaw
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Postby hiebiejiebie » 04 Mar 2006, 19:14

1. Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark, N64)
Brillant idea, brillant gun, especially when you combine it with...
2. Proximity Mines (Perfect Dark, N64)
Laptop Gun + Proximity mines + ...
3. Remote Mines (Perfect Dark, N64)
= Fun.
4. Slayer (I think thats what it's called) (Perfect Dark, N64)
Remote controlled rockets! Woo!
5. Golden Gun (Perfect Dark, N64)
One shot kills for crazy multiplayer madness.
6. M16A (Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow, Xbox)
My favourite weapon in the game.
7. RCP90 (Perfect Dark, Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow)
PD - My most used gun.
RS3:BA - BOOM! HEADSHOT! PWNED! Good gun that gets overlooked, getting a headshot with one is satisfying too.
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Postby taimoor_h » 04 Mar 2006, 19:17

1- Flak Cannon (UT)
2- Rocket launcher (UT)
3- Chainsaw (Doom)
4- Desert Eagle (CS)
5- Dual weapons (any)
6- AWP (CS)
7- Ingram (Max Payne)
8- Pump-action shotgun
9- M15
10- Dagger/ knife

The last 3 feel good in any game.

EDIT- man I cant believe I forgot the Laptop gun! Also Ebony and Ivory from DMC 8)
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Postby Zigzagoon » 04 Mar 2006, 19:19

1. The Master Sword (OoT) - The blade of Evil's bane, if anyone evil confronted me I would pwn them.

2. Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark) - People would think I had a laptop, I would then flip it into a gun and shoot them.

3. Chicago Typewriter (RE4) - Infinite ammo and incredibly powerful machine gun.

4. Nebilim (ToS) - Assuming I had already destroyed Abyssion, this would be ludicrously powerful. :D
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Postby renegade_angel » 04 Mar 2006, 19:42

1. Double Barrelled Shotgun - DOOM II

2. Double Shotguns - Timesplitters 1

3. Precision Rifle - Red Faction
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Postby neilpfox » 04 Mar 2006, 19:48

Buster Sword (FF7). Might have a little trouble swinging it though.

Light saber (Star Wars series). Who wouldn't want one?!

Laptop Gun (PD). I would set it up in my bedroom. :twisted:

FarSight (PD). Just for the novelty of shooting through walls really.
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Postby Andy_Monahan » 04 Mar 2006, 20:07

1 - Assault Shotgun - Deus EX
2 - Dual Crossbow - Darkwatch
3 - Mini Crossbow - Deus Ex (who doesn't like firing flare ammo at bad guys and then hiding ?)
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Postby G_Man_007 » 04 Mar 2006, 21:10

1. Doom shotgun
2. Double barrel rifle from Gunman Chronicles
3. Rocket launcher from Gunman Chronicles
4. PD's laptop gun, why not? Was a good gun.
5. The Desert Eagleesque gun from Goldeneye. Make it two.
6. Gordon Freeman's Magnum
7. Q4's Nail Gun
8. Max Payne Kung Fu 3.0 mod's moves.
9. Machette from Manhunt. Even getting the worst move got you hacking off the head...
10. Duke's Freeze/Expand ray. One of the best ever.
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Postby Ady_M » 04 Mar 2006, 21:18

Does no-one remember the Cerebal Bore?
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Postby G_Man_007 » 04 Mar 2006, 21:36

Oh! Oh! Cerebral Bore!!!! Phantasm in a can!!
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Postby gothchild » 04 Mar 2006, 21:54

1. Master Sword - OOT
2. Gravity Gun - HL2
3. Fire Flower - Super Mario bros

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Postby dinsfire » 04 Mar 2006, 22:07


Ultima Sword and Omnislash- Final Fantasy VII


RCP90- Goldeneye, Perfect Dark etc.

And some girders from Worms Armageddon. :)
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Postby buzzard875 » 05 Mar 2006, 00:00

Buster Sword
Revolver Gunblade

Awp (Counter Strike)
Assault Rifle (Halo)
Net gun (Alien Versus Predator 2)
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Postby User removed » 05 Mar 2006, 11:44

Just remembered another classic...MDK: World's most interesting bomb.
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