2.53 patch

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2.53 patch

Postby Chasington » 03 Dec 2008, 15:59

sort of new 2 ps3. what does it mean when console is "bricked"? what's wrong with new patch. tried to find out elsewhere but not fluent in their jargon. thanks for any assistance.
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Postby csdaveuk » 03 Dec 2008, 16:39

Bricked means "broken". I know nowt about this so I'll just move this thread over to where the experts hang on.
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Postby voodoo341 » 04 Dec 2008, 00:11

There isn't anything wrong with that 2.53 patch for your PS3. It's a minor update that includes;

* New for 2.53: The Internet browser now supports full-screen mode for Adobe® Flash® Player content.*
* Support for Adobe® Flash® Player 9 has been added to [Internet Browser].*
* "Adobe" and "Flash" are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

It means you can go on the BBC home page on your PS3's browser and use iPlayer to watch Cbeebies. Handy for a lot of people in this forum.
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Re: 2.53 patch

Postby almanac2015 » 04 Dec 2008, 00:34

Chasington wrote:sort of new 2 ps3. what does it mean when console is "bricked"?

If a console bricks it just doesn't work. When my PS3 bricked a few months back it turned on but the XMB wouldn't load...so I just had a £400 machine to watch a wavy line.
That was the 2.4 firmware update...no known problems with any other updates as far as I'm aware-the new patch seems fine.

It just adds content. I'd love some of it (none game related) to be optional but they're compulsory downloads.

If you're scared of your PS3 bricking you can download patches to your PC, then transfer them to your PS3 via a memory stick, and install.
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