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The last game you completed, and rating.

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Postby Burgessappleton » 20 Jan 2006, 18:28

Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
Best game of the year 10 out o 10.
Hell its one of the best games on the PS2.
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Postby renegade_angel » 20 Jan 2006, 18:35

I won the treble on 6* Master League on PES5 in my 5th season, if that counts as a form of completion.
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Postby User removed » 20 Jan 2006, 18:47

renegade_angel wrote:I won the treble on 6* Master League on PES5 in my 5th season, if that counts as a form of completion.

I will accept that.
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Postby User removed » 20 Jan 2006, 18:48

FF7 - after 47 hours.

Lovely, lovely game. Did make me want to smash the controller at times, but I'm glad I finished it. Don't entirely understand the whole Cloud backstory, but when I get round to playing it again, I'm sure I will...
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Postby User removed » 20 Jan 2006, 18:51

Again?! 1 time was bad enough!
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Postby Zigzagoon » 20 Jan 2006, 19:02

The last game I completed was Resident Evil 4 9/10

Enjoyable, I made all the necessary comments in the old thread.
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Postby User removed » 21 Jan 2006, 12:24 dare you steal my thread...#

This is where it's at.
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Postby bobomunki » 21 Jan 2006, 12:55

y thieve another thread bearers work. :?

:lol: max payne 2 8.2/10 :roll: shh dont tell anyone

I need the attention..
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Postby TheAKVortigaunt » 23 Jan 2006, 23:43

Just Completed Rome Total War After getting it for Xmas.

10/10 --- Best RTS Game I've Ever Played! :D
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Postby creamerybutter » 24 Jan 2006, 10:18

God of War - 9/10

Love this game. It's violent and educational....but mostly violent.......yea violence!
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Postby BrokenSword » 25 Jan 2006, 20:08

XIII 7/10

i expect a sequal cus at end it says to be continued so there better be
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Postby Liam1989 » 26 Jan 2006, 10:15

Res 4 - 9/10

The game was great as long as you iignored what Ashly said at the end, in fact i am not even going to repeat it.
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Postby Riddled » 26 Jan 2006, 13:38

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones in six hours... PC Version.
7/10 (Mainly due to its shortness and peasyness)
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Postby knucklix » 26 Jan 2006, 14:03

Jade Empire - 9/10

Very similar to Kotor, but not quite as good.

Warning - Invisible spoilers ahead.

The game's main strengths are its story (Something Bioware always seems to do well) and it's characters, which are inventive, funny and occasionally Monty Pythons. And of course, it's very much like Kotor.

One of the weaknesses is, unfortunately, that it's veyr much like Kotor. Even down to the Light Side/Dark Side Points scale, which has become the Way of the Open Palm or the Closed Fist.

The biggest problem is that it's too short and too easy. The most challenging fight for me came right at the beginning on the beach when my health was low. And it only took me about 17 hours, as opposed to the 30+ a good Kotoring will take.
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Postby solidcloud » 26 Jan 2006, 19:00

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Not sure if you folks have that one yet... Great game though
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