The arcade videogames 3D and 2D.

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The arcade videogames 3D and 2D.

Postby Splenda » 06 Feb 2013, 20:56

I'm a gamer's fan, that writing this post, to try to answer some questions, on video games or developments mechanical 2D and 3D, general, and about the future of gaming arcades.

1. - Does video game genres that were born to 2D gameplay mechanics lateral and vertical, as the arcade platformer, shoot em'up, beat em'up, run-and-gun, and fight 1 Vs 1?.

2. - In contrast, all genres of video games arcades, it can take mechanical or 2D game development, other mechanical 3D, if your programmers and designers know that things must change, to adapt to other 3D 2D mechanical? .

Are 3D game mechanics may well emulate in the future, the gameplay mechanics of 2D arcade video game?.

Are video games 2D mechanical, lateral and vertical, are less playable 3D mechanics, to be lateral and vertical views, more limited. Therefore, arcade video games have given way to gameplay, 3D?. Otherwise, why?.

3. - Some blogs and opinion of video games, talk about that video games arcades, those video games and control approach simple and direct, with a difficulty of game, growing, are dead.The Sirius-B site, a page about arcades and recreational where sometimes also speak not as arcade games. In its definition of a game aracde, wondered at the end: will their decline an inevitable trend?. The 'arcade', at least in its traditional conception, are dying slowly, and Cave will fall like so many others have fallen. Others talk that eventually disappear existing genres or types of arcade games (platforms, em'up shoot, beat em'up, run-and-gun, and fight 1 Vs 1), to evolve towards new games, different, more complex .
- Is this true? Why?.

4. - The current video game arcade, platformer, shoot em'up, beat em'up, run-and-gun, and fight 1 Vs 1; evolve into video games híibriddos or mixed with other genres of game, where two or more arcade genres are mixed to create new genres, more complex, as the current Action-RPG, mixing em'up beat games with RPGs.?

Could these games arcade evolve towards new games arcades not?

5. - Speaking now of graphics and game mechanics, now it seems difficult to draw, color and animate sprites or bitmaps hand drawn with flat or 2D, HD, 1080p, because the drawings have more detail, to create and animate sprites manually with the traditional system. Some companies, like Konami, Capcom and SEGA, are now designing their new craciones with polygonal graphics, maintaining or developing mechanical 2D game, while others, such as Arc System Work, is one of the few houses that have continued to work with sprites or bitmaps, handmade, but increasing the resolution of their creations. Other companies like Examu-Aquaplus, RCI (now Rain Entretainment), and Ubisoft, Rayman Origin / Legend, have joined the trend created in part by Arc System Works and Shin Koihime Aquapazza Mosou Arcade edition, are two works that get results very pretty little away from the fact of seeing a moving film sleeve.
But now they are coming to market, 4000 and 8000P TVs in detail, which means levels of detail in the detail of the drawings, higher.

- Will they continue making in the future, new works drawn up, with the creation and animation of the sprites manually with the traditional system?

6.- The new generation of consoles could take the hand of the new console from Microsoft, who would be playing through the "streaming". Gathering a large force format based on a virtual cloud, according to leaked specialized digital magazine MCV

Are consoles destined to disappear with cloud gaming technology, OnLive or Gaikai like, based on the reproduction of video games through the "streaming".? For Gaikai, its top representatives have stated that the new generation will come in the form of TV and consoles.

Does the experience of playing at home can be replaceable with new portable tablets like iPad3?
A hypothetical holographic technology, as an example, this type of experience without a hardware player at home, to a receiver travez streaming game based on a virtual cloud? Why?.

What do yours see this topic? :)
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