Updated Forum Conduct Rules.

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Updated Forum Conduct Rules.

Postby Izo » 07 Oct 2012, 21:21

- This site will now operates on a 3 strikes and you're out system any breach of the following results in a ban, each ban is classed as a strike.

- No flaming or abusive conduct towards any other member, anything offensive will be treated as so and an ignore/foe option is not a free pass to post anything you want towards anyone.

- No non-permitted advertising, creating topics and posts solely to advertise will result in an instant ban. If you're a developer or such and want to build awareness of a project you're doing please inform a Mod or Admin before hand. Gaming blogs and such projects are how ever permitted.

- Offensive content (in relation to Race, Sex, Religion, Culture, Homophobic and such) is not allowed.

- No links to content which contains harmful software or graphic content.

- No conducting in vigilant behaviour or cyber bullying, any disputes between you or another user should be kept off these boards. Any consistent attempts to carry on disputes will result in a strike, if you see anything you find offensive use the report function or contact a Mod or Admin otherwise vigilant behaviour will count against you.

- No baiting (posts which intend to get a reaction out of someone), uploading a post which is only going to get one type of reaction will result in action taken against you, additionally uploading a post which has no bearing on the topic other then to insult someone will be classed as baiting.

- No engaging in piracy or any such activity, immediate action will be taken. Discussions on piracy's effect on gaming are permitted but nothing which encourages piracy or any such activity.

- Ban dodging, creating numerous accounts to bypass bans will result in further strikes being added against you.
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