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Re: PSM3 Current Issue: Views...

Postby The Bossman » 13 Aug 2011, 21:06

I think it's the best redesign of a games magazine ever. I bought it, read it all in 2 days, and was really happy with what I read. Compared to all the other mags I buy, even Play which has quoted me many many times in the past, this reboot is superb. With the other mags, I just flick through them then read them about 2 months later, that's how I usually read mags. I stick to the net for new info.
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Re: PSM3 Current Issue: Views...

Postby Keyran-Solo » 17 Oct 2011, 21:29

The latest issue was a fantastic read and I love the new layout - it's easy on the eyes and you can take in everything on each page at a nice pace without being overwhelmed with information. With all of my friends raving on about Dead Island, I REALLY want to play the game since PSM3 gave it a 4.0, I have seen gameplay and it does look decent but I'll have to see!

I just finished Resistance 3 (on Superhuman, too!) and I can't agree more with the review - fantastic game and probably the best campaign in the series so far, the multiplayer is top-notch but no where as fun as Resistance 2's multiplayer in my opinion, and there is no way of playing actual ranked matches so I find myself playing against really good players and I'm just there staring at a lonely respawn screen for the majority of each match but apart from that, it's fun!

Can't wait for the next issue, really want to know more about Battlefield 3, the beta was fantastic and I definitely want to play it more than any Call of Duty game right now. Something about Battlefield 3 feels fresh, even though it's just another shooter, there's just something good about it.
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