Emu list update in March!

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Emu list update in March!

Postby offspringboy » 08 Feb 2006, 23:30

Okay the backward compatability list is supposed to get an update this March (early April).
Which games have you got in your Xbox collection that you are really hoping will get the 360 go ahead?
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Postby leeb1977 » 09 Feb 2006, 09:59

max payne 1 and 2 (if there not already - not tried them on my sex box 360 yet)
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Re: Emu list update in March!

Postby Chef_P » 09 Feb 2006, 10:04

Moto GP 3
Top Spin
Unreal Championship
Unreal Champ. L. Conflict
Ghost Recon Island Thunder

And they can sort out the framerate issues on the level "Backwash" on Halo 2 while they are at it. :P
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Postby matty2000uk » 09 Feb 2006, 13:24

the other day i was explaining to my bro the problems with b/c on the 360. I said it was only the most popular games to begin with he said what about project gotham 1 and 2. I told him they didnt work yet. he said that s probably cos they wanted everyone to get pgr3. it took me by surprise cos i ahdnt thought of this. Its probably true it jus never occured to me.

Id also like to see thief 3 if that doesnt work cs i quite enjoyed that game when i rented it once
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Postby Crow555 » 09 Feb 2006, 17:24

Outrun 2, it wasn't on the original list.
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Postby User removed » 09 Feb 2006, 19:12

I dont want any of my xbox collection to run on 360 ever again after the friggin mess of the first batch. Cant beat the real thing..............
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Postby RjMaX » 09 Feb 2006, 19:36

Whats the point in being backward compatible when you cant even use the old save games :(
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Postby 0rochi » 10 Feb 2006, 09:54

SSX on tour
Splinter cell CT (to work properly)
Rainbow Six: Critical hour
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Postby Majin Chris » 10 Feb 2006, 10:01

RjMaX wrote:Whats the point in being backward compatible when you cant even use the old save games :(

Yeah i agree as well. There's no way i am playing Burnout 3/4 to the end again so i am not bothering with the old Xbox's games.
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