The Joys of Media Center

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The Joys of Media Center

Postby User removed » 30 Jan 2006, 15:55

Has anyone "Taken the next step in home entertainment" and actually hooked up the 360 to a media centre PC? If so, how well does it work and did you have any problems?

I am building my media centre PC at the moment and I don’t like painful surprises, for example finding out it doesn’t work properly and I have just wasted £300!
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Postby Majin Chris » 30 Jan 2006, 16:28

I haven't tried it yet but i am very tempting to upgrade to it. I used to play WoW alot but ever since i got my 360 i have totally went off my PC.
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Postby BooMMooB » 30 Jan 2006, 16:30

im just waiting for that game that can actually make me play more on the xbox360 than playing wow.

Right now theres not much hope for the next couple of months... :)
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