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Postby creamerybutter » 23 Jan 2006, 16:45

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Postby FatBoyFonz » 23 Jan 2006, 18:00

That'll save me ripping them all again then.

I just remember reading that I couldn't copy mp3 to the thing - hadn't thought of just playing them off the pc (thought I'd need Media Center as well).

Edit - Cheers for that, should've tried it before now.

And how cute - I can get a slideshow of our photos up too :)
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Postby Chef_P » 24 Jan 2006, 15:35

Oi Oi Roy wrote:Burnout 3 was good when it was working properly. The amount of people that had problems getting into games on that one was quite high. Burnout Revenge, hmmmm, prefered Burnout 3 online to Revenge. There was usually a bit of lag on Revenge which didn't happen on Burnout 3.

But overall, EA net code is very unstable compared to M$'s own.

Burnout 3 definently played better online than Revenge. Revenge had really bad lag. (Did they ever sort that out. I gave up trying Revenge online cos of the lag.)
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Postby Majin Chris » 25 Jan 2006, 14:28

I don't think they did mate but i was not to bothered as i prefered Burnout 3.

So far i must say i am really enjoying Ridge Racer 6. It did take me a bit of time to get into it but now am hooked. I must say i am really impressed with how big the game is. I have done 45% and that's only took me 12 hours + to do that :roll: .
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Postby User removed » 26 Jan 2006, 16:20

RR6 runs like a dream online here even vs USA players and I have a 512k connection.

Try hosting, limit it to 8 players and see what you get..........
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