Black ops 2 review predictions ?

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Black ops 2 review predictions ?

Postby willbrowne81 » 09 Nov 2012, 12:14

firstly a honest review .the second review,The review most 12 year old boys who get mild errections over the though of a gun ship will want to hear. Add to that most reviewers will be promised COD exclusive footage so they couldnt possibly say a bad word against a COD Game.
by the way the honnest reviews will be few a far between.

No doubt we will hear praise of the great action and graphics intense multiplayer and how this completely redefines the genre with doing a thing differently

In reality it will be the same as all the other COD games.On the rails shooting sections a turret section a sneaky section that doesn't work so well and vehicle section.Big explosions and a blinding contrast setting that would make Michael bay wince.

the single player will be finished in 5 hours and non of the criticisms of recent first person games will be mentioned.

The multiplier will be full of 12 year olds swearing and screaming with an hour of it going on sale then a week later it will be hack and unplayable.

just some thoughts
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Re: Black ops 2 review predictions ?

Postby FishyGinger » 09 Nov 2012, 13:05

willbrowne81 wrote:game.
firstly a honest review .the a second review.

Someones let you at the toilet duck again, haven't they...
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Re: Black ops 2 review predictions ?

Postby TheLastDodo » 09 Nov 2012, 20:27

I predict every reviewer will like Blops 2 either more than, less than or equal to every other reviewer.
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Re: Black ops 2 review predictions ?

Postby BazJitsu » 11 Nov 2012, 16:55

I imagine it'll be highly rated. The last Black Ops was likely the best COD there's ever been, and Treyarch seem to listen to the community quite well.

It'll likely get high 80s early 90s based on the multiplayer alone.

People will still complain because it's COD, but the fact is the amount of content this one actually offers out of the box is pretty good.
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