Picross E2 review: A hidden gem

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The seventh game in Nintendo's cult series is as good a place to start as any

For eighteen years Nintendo has been home to Picross, a puzzle series that has fostered a cult following of die-hard fans.... read more

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Picross E2 review: A hidden gem

Postby Balladeer » 26 Jan 2013, 14:46

Yay Chris! (blows whistle)

That score's probably about fair, given how much game there is (I didn't see Micross on the starting menu, so that's something to look forward to). The problem is how much it feels like an expansion pack to the original. If you're buying what is presented as a new game for about the price of one, you want to at least see some improved presentation. Picross DS had puzzles that were 20x20 or larger, animations when you finished puzzles, and a selection of tunes: Picross e2 has none, the one tune available being a worse remix of Picross e's.

I'll still enjoy it, but it's become a guilty pleasure because I don't think Jupiter deserve the money I spent on it. Not given the amount of effort they put in.

(Also, what's happened to the Chris Scullion sense of humour shown in NGamer? Not the funniest game to write about, maybe, but I'm hoping it makes a comeback! It'll go down a treat here, yes sir.)
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