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CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Your comments on our articles.

Crysis! Bioshock! Starcraft! Company of Heroes!

Space Year 2013 is going to be a knee-trembler for two reasons: 1. We don't have to wait until Christmas for all the big games. Richter scale-registering mega-releases like Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, God of War: Ascension and Gears of War: Judgment all land before the end of March; and 2. Autumn will see the release of the next Xbox. Excited? You will by the time you've finished here...... read more

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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby Barca Azul » 18 Dec 2012, 00:38

Only really bioshock and tomb raider in there for me. Ill wait for part two.

Plus who is buying this army of two crap?
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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby stealth » 18 Dec 2012, 05:10

are you sure this isnt the generic game list?
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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby sbradley88 » 18 Dec 2012, 08:03

stealth wrote:are you sure this isnt the generic game list?

No, because there are no Wii-U exclusives on this list.

Come to think of it, only 2 titles of the current biggest games are coming to Wii-U...Strange.
Its almost as if none of the biggest games of 2013 are for the console.
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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby WHERESMYMONKEY » 18 Dec 2012, 10:11

With Paper Mario: Sticker Star doing poorly, the 3DS' only big release this Christmas, what hope does gangly brother Luigi have, both as a game and a chance to turn around the fortunes of Nintendo's flailing handheld?

Good to see you got the usual baseless nintendo bashing in. Last time i checked the 3ds was actually doing numbers comaprible to the original ds in fact it's passed several sales milestones in less time and is still kicking the crap out of the vita in terms of sales and games library,
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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby The Bossman » 18 Dec 2012, 17:07

The only one in this part I want is Bioshock Infinite, might get the Splinter Cell game but it's not the same without Ironside.
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Re: CVG's 42 biggest games of 2013

Postby Old Skool Gamer » 19 Dec 2012, 08:16

It seems the end of this generation is upon us, all of those games are sequel after sequel, now it's time for new hardware so some new IP's can come along and shake things up, it's all getting very stale and boring to say the least.

GTA V is coming though! 8)
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