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Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atmosph

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Shadow sneaking and mutant shooting

During a recent eyes-on, hands-off demo, we got to see three different sections of Metro: Last Light's post-apocalyptic take on Moscow, which follows on from the events of previous instalment Metro 2033.... read more

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Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atmosph

Postby JOHNKARA » 12 Dec 2012, 16:54

This game has got me salivating like a rabid russian hound.

Three things in the preview that are absolute positives and promote the above-mentioned salavation.......

1. "Bulbs can be removed by hand or shot from distance, Splinter Cell style, to make locations darker". This is such a key feature to any game that promotes its stealth credentials. You can actively carve a corridor of darkness - AWESOME

2. "The HUD is minimal and you'll need to read gauges on your weapons and suit rather than relying on more traditional onscreen displays". This will take immersion to a new level. I applaud the Dishonoured developers for providinf the gamers with the flexibility to toggle HUD features, but this game will take it to a new level where the playable character is actually part of the HUD. AWESOME X 2

3. "….though ammo for rarer weapons is scarce" - Now that statement speaks volumes around the need to scrounge for ammo. I am tired of games where ammo is so readily available that allow games to become "too easy" to play and shots are wasted because a truck-load of bullets is available in a store or box all around the player. AWESOME X 10

Now, THQ please release this on schedule. I also realise that you are actively involved with Homefront 2 (which I aim to purchase too), but this game must ship bug free. Please.
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Re: Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atm

Postby dicky1993 » 12 Dec 2012, 23:11

This will be a big hitter I'm thinking just like the guy above said please don't make buggy like the first one
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Re: Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atm

Postby Imaduck » 13 Dec 2012, 05:40

This game looks like heaven right now.
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Re: Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atm

Postby sonic_uk » 13 Dec 2012, 11:42

The (non) hub areas were in the first game too, so no change there, but I did like the short break they provided from the action while you bought new guns and went round talking to the inhabitants. I'm a little dissapointed that you cannot move bodies, but this isn't really a stealth game, more an Fps action adventure so I guess although it has stealth elements you wouldn't be able to do everything you could do in a full stealth game like (the proper original) Splinter Cell games or Mgs.

I'm really looking forward to this. I still have to complete the first one, I'm about 2 3rds of through, but haven't played it for ages. Might fire it up the weekend if I have some time.
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Re: Metro: Last Light preview: Slicker, smarter, just as atm

Postby gmcb007 » 13 Dec 2012, 15:27

I absolutely love the universe of Metro. I can't wait to jump back into it.
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