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psn games

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psn games

Postby pope69 » 07 Apr 2008, 11:22

ok like most european ps3 owners i have three psn accounts american japanese and uk so why do we have to wait for software like blast factor advanced and rocket man echo chrome and more after all their not region coded are they i played the demos they work fine i think sony of europe need to get a grip i dont care for a shiny ps store after all i only go on the ps store for games
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Postby User removed » 07 Apr 2008, 11:28

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Re: psn games

Postby unapersson » 07 Apr 2008, 12:00

pope69 wrote:after all their not region coded are they

They're not region coded, but they are language coded. So any speech will need to be re-recorded in all the european languages, and any text translated.

That said, Ubuntu do a new release of a whole operating system every six months, localised into many more languages than those supported by the PS3 European store. So I'm not sure how much it holds water as an excuse.
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