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Postby Jonathan Ross » 29 Oct 2007, 15:03

ferg85 wrote:
vule wrote:
fazboy007 wrote:What really pees me off is that both Game and Gamestation are charging an extra tenner for the PS3 version. Why ??? It's the same friggin game!!!!!.

it must be because it's on a blue ray disc.
don't think so

Blu-Ray costs more to manufacture. So they use that as an excuse to up the cost of the game. CD's generally come to around 27p to cover costs. Yet you'll pay at least a tenner for most. However little more it does/does not cost the reason it is more is because of Blu-Ray.
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Postby Bicceh » 30 Oct 2007, 20:05

god i hope the update is here soon :(

i sent a mail to konami but they gave me some bullshit auto reply - tossers
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Postby dwhlufc » 30 Oct 2007, 22:47

i love pes but this years version is slightly irritating me a little bit the X tackle is hit & miss and sliding 9/10 results in a booking even if you win the ball.The goalkeepers are awful and the defence splits open whenever the com attacks :(
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Postby Bicceh » 31 Oct 2007, 00:57

it's more tactical based this time - look around more for different formations :)

i used to get owned when i first started - but i change around every now and then :) - There are some class keepers as well - combine that with a good defender and even when the kepper parries a shot the defender will be there to get rid of it :)
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