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Postby Brian995 » 19 Dec 2012, 21:26

Water Powered Cars


Stanley Meyer an inventor from Ohio spent a great part of his life perfecting technology that had the potential to revolutionize the world. By the mid 1990s Stan had a new, fully working and very efficient combustion engine but with a very big difference. Stan Meyers engine didn’t run on petrol, solar power or bio fuel but instead it ran on the safest and most abundant substance on planet earth… H2O.

Stan worked on his “water fuel cell” in his home workshop primarily from the late 1980s into the late 1990s. The water cell was relatively simple technology that electrically pulses water at specific frequencies which fractures its atomic structure into oxygen and hydrogen particles. This electrical resonance liberates the highly flammable Hydrogen gas -commonly called HHO- from the water. This gas burns 300% more efficiently than regular petroleum and not only is it a commendable combustant the only product to come from the exhaust pipe is… you guessed it… water.


Stan was on many TV stations breaking his world and H2O shattering technology to America. Stan had a great deal of ‘interest’ from the pentagon and was even offered one Billion Dollars for ownership of his water cell from representatives of the oil industry, an offer he couldn’t refuse so to speak. However Stan being wised up to the fact that his technology would never reach the commercial market and would very likely be “black shelved” by these organisations he declined their offers . Stan Meyer was a real patriot and devoted Christian who believed this technology should be made available to his fellow Americans. Stan believed people should be free from what he perceived to be the middle eastern oil giants tight financial grip over the honest working American.

Read this link for detailed information:

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