jimmy Saville.

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Re: jimmy Saville.

Postby spaceman_DOUG » 07 Nov 2012, 08:11

Louis' documentary on him is good if you can stand to watch him further.
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Re: jimmy Saville.

Postby Mmmmgrolsch » 07 Nov 2012, 08:29

middle finger wrote:I sense another period on these boards.

Tampons anyone?

Don't let that stuck up cow from Nintendo land see you say that.

rbt2 wrote:I think the beeb should drop this tv licence nonsense because of this.
There has been a mahoosive cover up here and they are culpable!

The beeb is a massive rip off and a load of b*****ks for people who have no interest in watching their s**t or listening to their radio stations.
Not that I pay for a TV licence or will ever pay for one.
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Re: jimmy Saville.

Postby Paul Skinback » 02 Apr 2013, 13:50

Sorry to dig an old thread up but had to because of Jerry Sadowitz....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQX3PzZ ... ata_player

Love him, Sadowitz not Savile and he ain't on telly anymore when wankas like well good Lee, Stephen K Amos, the fat c**t in Gavin and Stacey, Alan Carr and so many other pointless, unfunny pricks are still appearing on the box.
Btw, if you work in an office then it might pay you to watch this when you get home.

Or Not Safe For Work as you hip trendsters say these days.
John Kettley is a weatherman.
And so is Michael Fish!
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Re: jimmy Saville.

Postby Simon_H4 » 02 Apr 2013, 14:48

I saw the origianl video of that on youtube last year, very funny. He should get an award for that (not Saville, obviously).
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